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I copied this from my CFA list. I haven't seen any posts about this and thought all cat lovers should be aware. The emails aren't gonna work here but can still write or call.

CONTROL - Animal Activists Vow to Continue Fight as Long as Necessary

(New York, Nov. 1, 2007) Seven more feline victims of the extermination
drive being conducted by Port Authority of NY and NJ at JFK Airport were
dropped off at animal control this morning. The one day lull in the culling
effort provided rescuers with time to find new locations where these cats
can be brought, bringing to 17 the number of cats reprieved from a death
sentence. Leaders of the NYC Feral Cat Initiative, a program of the Mayor's
Alliance for NYC's Animals, vowed to fight the Port Authority down to the
last cat. "They want us to disappear just like the cats," said Bryan Kortis
of Neighborhood Cats. "Neither is going to happen."

This is a marathon - not a sprint. You are our foot soldiers and there are
many thousands of us all over the world - every time you call, email or fax,
you send a loud message that we will not tolerate this senseless killing.
Do not tire or get discouraged but keep calling and writing - if you get a
busy signal, call again. If the email bounces back, let us know and we'll
find another one. WE MUST NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS!! Or others will
try to do the same. (Next Monday, we will announce the time and place of
our next major protest.)

WHO TO CONTACT (Note: we've added Gov. Corzine of NJ - he also has some
authority over Port Authority).

Anthony R. Coscia, Chairman
Board of Commissioners
Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
Phone: 732.846.2120 (direct line)
732-846-7600 (this is the general number for Mr. Coscia's law firm)
Fax: 732.846.8877
E-Mail: acoscia@...

Robert E. Wan Etten, Inspector General
Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
Main Office: (973) 565-4340
24-Hour Pager: (917) 788-6277
FAX: (973) 565-4307
Email: InspectorGeneral@...

The Honorable Eliot Spitzer, Governor, New York
212-681-4580 (phone)
518-474-1513 (Fax)
Email: go to <> and click on "contact us" at
the bottom of the page, or use this direct link:

The Honorable John Corzine, Governor, New Jersey

The Honorable David Patterson, Lieutenant Governor, New York

Port Authority Corporate Headquarters
(212) 435-7000
(212) 435-7777
(get a live person on the line and demand to speak to someone about the JFK
situation - keep calling until they respond - they're hiding from the

1. Demand a stop to the extermination effort and good faith talks with the
Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals designed at implementing a pilot TNR
project at JFK.

2. The Inspector General of the Port Authority told callers yesterday that
PA is not killing the cats. That's like saying, "I didn't fire the gun, I
only hired the hit man." PA will be responsible when the dead cats start
piling up, not the shelter faced with no choice but to euthanize.

3. WHEN CALLING THE GOVERNORS OF NY &NJ: Demand the Governors reject Port
Authority's new request for major toll increases on all its bridges, tunnels
and subway lines. If Port Authority has money to burn on killing cats,