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Daily Thread TGIF Nov 2nd!

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Well good morning, and Happy Friday!

Not much going on with me today..going to a friends for dinner tonight after work..then tomorrow to my sisters and we are going to a party. That should be fun

I hope you all have a good weekend!
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I crisp sunny day here, and i'm so looking forward to the weekend

I'm meeting my sister in town tomorrow for coffee, then i'm off to do some retail therapy
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Morning everyone! :wave:

Yea!! I'm so excited that I completed my first week. You know the funny thing is? I really enjoyed my first week of work.

Hopefully we get to bring Beauty home this weekend. Regardless though...that is going to be one $$$$$ vet bill. Almost a full week at the animal hospital. Hopefully she's eating on her own.
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good morning people!

nothing new here. Just the usual work day. But in a few hours.... it'll be another weekend.
Nothing exciting planned for the weekend so far. I'll try to finish studying chapter 2 in my Cambodian language book. It's not too hard, except for the pronunciation. That can be a bit painful.

I'll also keep working on my apartment. I've been working on it on and off for months now... I'd really like to get things finished soon! (yeah right )

Yuk. I'm eating my breakfast and I think my bread tastes funny. Maybe I'm just tired of the same old breakfast.

Well, time to leave soon. I feel like throwing a tantrum and stomping the ground saying "I don't want to go to work!!!" but no one's here to listen, so it's pretty pointless.
Off to work I go then.
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Well I'm sick, it feels like I swallowed glass and my head feels huge. But I'm at work, there is only my and 1 other girl in the office today so I can kind of keep my germs to myself.
I am planning on vegging out this weekend maybe working on my SS gift. I am suposed to go to a baby shower but not if i'm still this sick, no babies or babies mothers need what I have.
Oh and it's Dad's birthday this weekend so maybe i'll bake a cake if i'm feeling better. Have a good one Everybody!
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Hi peeps! It's Friday!!! And tomorrow is the big craft fair! So that's my happy reason today! Last night wasn't the best night and I've still not been feeling 100%, so I need a good craft fair to cheer me up! Two large pavilions full of awesome crafty stuff ought to do it! Oh and a good bag of German Roasted Nuts and a good kielbasa and sauerkraut sandwich from the local German-American group's table too.
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Well a sunny and very windy day today.

In the forecast for Monday/Tuesday-SNOW FLURRIES!!!!!!

Anyhow the house was cold (58F in family room) so I broke done and turned on the heat and the made a fire in the wood stove.

Just about done painting in basement-started to put stuff back and re-organize.
Just have to get on Neil to finish a couple of things. Which won't be done tomorrow as he has to go to the farm as a firm is coming to knock in and bury the foundation and bring some gravel for the barn floor (I'll pass)

I have to put up my wire cages and rose protection stuff this weekend.

Have a good weekend!!
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Morning!!...err...afternoon... I'm not sure what we're doing this weekend. I have to write a research paper for my english class though. I hope maybe my boyfriend will take me out. We still haven't celebrated our 5th anniversary yet.
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It is snowing
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Hey all....long time no talk. I have been so busy at work now that I am fully trained. I will try to drop by more often. Dont' forget me if I'm not here!
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Finally not windy here! Slammed with homework & falling behind more & more. Gotta get going....just on a TCS break while I ponder more!
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Good day to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My little sis is comming up to spend the night withe me tonight, should be a lot of fun. I'm dragging her into a volunteer thing I have to do at 8:30 tomorrow morning

Dang teachers and their volunteer crap! As if me giving up 30 hours a month to a volunteer thing I do on my own isn't enough
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