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My friend (ex boyfriend) has adopted a feral born kitten that was trapped at my jobsite. Even though he tried not to get attached, he fell in love with the little guy and named him "William the Orange". We already have 3 big dogs and an adult male named Shade(in addition to my two ferals that live with me). I asked him to take the kitten in because I did not want my Mariah enforcing his fear of humans. He is coming along great. He hangs out with our biggest dog "Shadow" who is a 130 lb "cat whisperer" Shade has started to play with him, but can only handle so much of the youngster. William on the other hand idolizes Shade ( his big brother). Our house is pet friendly, where the dogs and cats can go in and out to a fenced area whenever they want (the fence has a cat door so Shade can roam free). This was fine when baby William was confined to one room, but now he has the run of the house, so my friend has been keeping the pet door closed. This makes it difficult for our other pets who are used to coming and going freely. My question is, how long should we keep William house bound? He is about 4 months old, and we have had him for about 1 month. We can pick him up and he will roll over so we can scratch his tummy but he is still nervous of other people and probably other animals. Ultimately, my friend wants him to be able to come and go like our other cat but is concerned about when to let him do this? Any suggestions? Thanks.

P.S. It is so great to have this forum to ask questions and share our experiences with these little gifts of love