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My Mickey

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I always found it hard to read this forum and dreaded the day it would be me posting, We had to have Mickey PTS today because I could no longer stand to see him struggling with the the Kidney disease and renal failure.
I remember when we got him he was 9 years old DH got him from the shelter in San Diego,he was laying in the litter box.
I said I wanted a black cat as I had just lost one and I just had to have another one, he was the first Animal we had together and after 10 years of him being in this family I know we will miss him so much.
Everyday he would wait till Dad took Zoie her walk and then he would wait for his leash so he could go out.Two times a day he went on a walk all the way around the house to the back yard he would jump up on the little retainer wall we had and walk all the way around it looking for lizards.
The last 3 days he walked right by Dad and out the door on his own and waited till Dad put him on the wall he would walk halfway around and lay down and DH would just sit there with him till he got up.
I couldn't apologize enough to him for him having to be sick it broke my Heart, it's been a terrible week. But I know we will be alright because I know he is now and I feel OK with the choice even though it's never what we want. I cried everyday just looking at him
I know all the rest of the cats will miss you Mickey being the boss you were, and Dad and I will miss you very much. I hope that you know I did this because of my Love for you. RIP MY Dear Sweet Mickey

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Lois, I am SO sorry Mickey is so gorgeous There is another beautiful sweet angel in Heaven Rip Sweet Mickey Mickey will look out for you until you meet again
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Oh Lois...

I don't know what else to say that I haven't already said to you, please know that I'm here for you if you need to talk

RIP sweet Mickey- play happily over the Rainbow Bridge, my Davidson will show you the way

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Such a handsome boy. Rest in peace Mickey. Now you have golden walls to walk upon forever.
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What a sad day Lois. I am so sorry. But you did the right thing to not let him suffer. I know he will always be with you. I send my deepest condolences to you and your family right now, Lois.

Rest In Peace Mickey
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Lois, I'm so sorry for the loss of your precious Mickey. He was a gorgeous boy
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I'm sorry Lois. You did what was best for Mickey....he knows that now that he is playing happily over the Rainbow Bridge.
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Lois i'm so very sorry Helen told me late last night that you were going to send Mickey over the bridge because you were on her mind

What a gorgeous, handsome boy he is, but you know he'll be fit and healthy again over at Rainbow Bridge

Mickey, keep looking down on your mum and dad because they miss you so much, and you'll all be reunited again one day

Play hard munchkin

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Lois, you and Bob are close in my heart and thoughts

Mickey will certainly be looking down over you and smiling

RIP Sweet Mickey
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I'm so sorry, Lois. Mickey was such a beautiful boy. Thinking of both of you.
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He had a wonderful life with you Lois, Thinking of you and Bob :hugs
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Lois, I'm so sorry. At least your little man isn't in anymore pain. You'll be missed Mickey!
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I'm so very sorry for your loss Lois.

Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge Mickey.
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RIP, Mickey. Your family loves you so much and I know that made you happy.
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Thank You everyone for your kind words, Today I am OK I know in my Heart it was the right thing to do for him and Us...
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Such a difficult thing to do, even when you know it's the best thing My heart goes out to you. He was really beautiful.
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I'm very sorry for your loss. Mickey was a handsome boy! Rest in Peace Mickey.
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Dear Lois and Bob: Congratulations on many happy loving years with your sweet beautiful boy Mickey. I'm sorry you had to lose you. Sending my prayers your way.
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RIP Such a sweet cat. Sorry for your loss
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Today was hard for Bob & I, every time I go to feed that cats or give them treats I always call all of there names, I guess it will take time. Even Bob said the last 2 days were so hard for him after taking Zoie out. I don't regret the choice I made at all but we miss him so much, you just get so used to them being here it's so hard We Love you Mickey and I hope your Happy and Healthy ... Mom & Dad
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I too had to put my baby down Sat for the same as you with your baby. I only had priscilla for a little over 3 months. She was rescued from an abusive home and I was so glad to get her. She was a purebreed seal point Ragdoll. I have tried to attach a pix of my baby.

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AWww I'm so sorry. And Mickey DOES know that you did what you did out of love. Just as I know Jake understands. It is one of the most difficult decissions we can make and being a fellow cat lover I can say, we don't make this decission lightly.

RIP beautiful Mickey! Fly with the angels.
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I'm so sorry. Mickey was a very beautiful boy and so blessed to have shared a wonderful 10 years with you. May he live on in your hearts forever. Rest in peace now precious Mickey.
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Mickey is so beautiful. Lois I am so sorry for your loss. RIP sweet boy.
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I am so sorry for your loss.
Rest in peace Mickey.
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Rest in Peace. Look down on us and smile little one.
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Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear of Mickey's passing He is a gorgeous boy RIP
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I just know he's having fun up there with all the other RB kitties...I bet you he's hanging with Bella right now and they are trading stories about you and Helen.

I'm here for you if ever and whenever!
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Lois, I am so verrrrrrrrrrry sorry to hear this..............God bless his heart! And yours!
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Oh Lois!

I'm so sorry I didn't see this sooner. You will be in my thoughts and prayers!
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