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I couldn't get a really good picture of my bruise from my heart procedure where they put a catheter in my wrist. I don't know what it was for... Anyway... it HURTS so bad!!!! Does anyone know of anything to ease the pain??

Where you see any different color of my skin is the actual bruise. It doesn't look nearly as bad in the picture as it does on my arm. I think it's bad lighting or something.

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Ouch, but that's nothing compared to other things they could've done to you.
Put some ice on it and treat it like any other bruise, 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off. That should help with the swelling and pain. Just don't have it in direct contact of course, have a washcloth between the ice and skin. Time and your blood system will clear out the discoloration.
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a few years ago I had to have an IV in my wrist almost exactly like where it was on you. I dealt with it by using a cold compless and by trying not to use the wrist as much. The bruising will go away but it takes time and it's in an area that you don't think you use too much but it's suprising. Feel better OKay
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It does look painful! Try the ice, I hope it feels better and stops hurting you soon
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