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Vibes needed here too

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Hey folks,

After reading about the power of vibes from this board I am in need of some. I have been talking to a lady about adopting her cat so it does not go to a shelter. Well it has been about 2 weeks since first contact an 4 days since last email contact, and so far no formal meeting of the family and cat. Well send some vibes my way so that I can meet her and the cat sometime soon and hopefully adopt her cat.
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Mega adoption heading your way!
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More adoption vibes
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get the kitty! get the kitty!!
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deffinatly here you go!
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Lots of good luck for you and kitty
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soon to welcome new kitty!
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Hope you get the new Kitty!!
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Have you heard from her yet?
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nope nothing. I am slowly giving up hope on her unfortunately as the cat seemed to be a good fit for our family. At least on paper it seems like a good fit. No idea about in person. I have been checking out other sources and I think I have found a pair of cats to adopt instead. just waiting to hear back from another source
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Well you guys are good. Your work extremely well. I was giving up hope on the original cat, and I just got an email saying I can go over on Sunday to see/get him.
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Congratulations - you got your new kitty
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TCS vibes really are powerful.
Sending more vibes that this kitty is a good fit for your family.
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I'm so happy for you! Good luck on Sunday!!!
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Late for the original round, but I can and most surely will add my for a successful meeting and adoption.
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Well I got 2 cats today. Not from the first lady I had been emailing. After she said I could come today and she would email later with directions, well nothing and I just gave up. I answered a post on craigslist about 2 11 month old cats. the girls who owned them first did a phone interview with me and then insisted on doing a home visit ( I gladly welcomed her to come over).

Well she came for the visit and brought her two kitties and she liked my house and me so much she had no reservations on leaving her kits with me. The cats have been looking everywhere and smelling everything. They are male and female, brother and sister. The female has been hissing at me everyonce in a while. She will also sniff me hand and lick it too. Granted I know she is really scared being in a new environment and all and new a owner. The male has discovered the fish tank and LOVES it. Or maybe really annoyed b/c he can not get at the fish. Good thing I have a full hood that covers the whole top of the tank. He will play with me and sniff at me but will not let me touch him just yet. Time will fix all that. They came with names but I am going to change them. Not sure to what yet. Well I am going to go and take and upload some pics. Look for some in the fur pics section.

I just noticed my post count. Here for less than a month and already 100+ posts. WOW
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Oh what wonderful news.
My kitties, Dexter & Sadie, are brother and sister.
They are an infinite source of joy in my life.
Congratulations on the new additions to your family.

I've got to go see if you have uploaded their pix yet.
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for those that want to look at the new additions but don't want to search for the thread, here is a link
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congrats on your new additions!
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Aww, congrats on your new furbutts!
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