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ear drops

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I took your advice and took chester to the vet because he's been shaking his head more often. It's a new vet, and I'll have to say that I think I'll ask for another member of the team next time...it's not that she wasn't competent, but chester squirmed for her and he never does at home and she kept on holding him via his collar (which is breakable but it doesn't sit right with me).
She said that he's definitely hurting in the one ear, and wouldn't let her look down it (for some reason she took him out of the room for that part of the exam). From what she saw there wasn't any inflammation, but there was a little discharge. No mites either.
She gave me some ear drops to give to him twice a day for 10 days. They're antibiotic, anti fungal, and apparently anti itch...so hopefully they help.

Problem is that he (like me) hates ear drops. if the problem is definitely in deeply, it's difficult to get the drops all the way down the canal. Any ideas on how to insure that I get the medicine where it belongs?

Thanks guys
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I found this video that may help you. I think all cats probably hate ear drops! http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-...-cat-ear-drops
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thanks. that was very similar to what I did this morning...he started shaking his head the minute I got the eyedropper near his ear though.
Its in much better this time than last night. Man I hope these do the trick!
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