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when you give your cat treats

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does one cat ever try to hog them all? just eats them so fast not giving the other cats a chance to eat? And just ends up ******* the other cat off?
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Yup. That's why I give them a couple at a time spread out far enough that one cat doesn't gobble all of them up.
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I have 1 cat so it's not really an issue. I hand fead her the treats though, I don't just set them down for her.
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Yep. Oreo (the Alpha) is a MAJOR pig. I have to feed them all a treat separately. It's almost like a race trying to get them all to eat before Oreo finishes her's and goes on the prowl for more treats.
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Ya, me too. Rocket is such a selfish pig. I give him more than his fair share to start with and then he inhales them and goes after the other cats' treats, knocks them out of the way, and inhales theirs. I often just put him in a room and deal with him separately.
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I invented a variation of the game Scavenger Hunt. When I put (dry!) treats out, I scatter them around the apartment: all over the kitty condo, on the bookcases, on the heat pump cover by the window and, finally, on the kitchen floor. The reason is Siggy the Bold, who gets very hyper about treats but really loves "hunting them down." She kites off into the living room for hers, and the other two then get to take their time and eat the kitchen-floor treats without having a buzzed tortie snatching them from under their noses!
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yes. ALL of my cats are hogs

I feed them their treats all together but one at a time by hand.

one for Bea, one for Berach, one for Chloe...
gotta watch your fingers though!
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I think the hunt idea is wonderful. I do that, too. Making cats work for their treats is mentally stimulating for them, and fun!! I also use treat balls, treat boxes, treats under cups, treats in cups hanging from a string, chasing treats, etc. etc.

Click here to watch treatbox
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when u feed treats together does the cat that likes to take its time eating get pissed off and start hitting the other cat?
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yes.......... Charlie is a hog and he steals any treats belonging to Ling if he can get them. She either just leaves and complains about it or grabs it and runs a few feet away to finish.
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