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I can't/won't adopt another cat!

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First of all, there's a very good reason why I won't have another cat. Whisper and Reagan have a very "special" relationship, and it's already been damaged some by bringing the dog in from the outdoors. I don't want to make things worse by adding another cat to the family and trying to settle him/her in. Besides that, by the end of next month, there will be another human in the house to consider -- we're expecting on December 11th.

Anyway, our neighbor has been feeding several strays. We now also have food out for them. Our intention is to call the feral group some time within the next two week to have them picked up, spayed and vaccinated (at which point they will be re-released, following recovery).

But there is this one little kitten... Ugh! She's about six or seven months old (otherwise just small like Whisper and Reagan) and calico. She looks like she probably has some Persian or Ragdoll in her somewhere.

Both of us want this kitten, but I know that we can't have her. Every time I think about it, I cry. She's so small, and she's SO pathetic (she'll sit on a neighbor's porch, look right at us, and cry, but won't come near).

I lost a nine month old calico doll-faced persian not all that long back (about two years now, I suppose) and this kitten looks so much like her, without the persian face. I think that's what's getting to me

Oh, well... I just had to get that out, sorry!
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If she's so young like you say i honestly wouldn't be able to sleep knowing she was outside like that
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I think you need to bring her inside, I agree that I couldn't sleep knowing she was out there.
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Is there any chance you could just bring her inside and foster her until a home can be found? If the feral group is going to help get the cats fixed, maybe they can also help find her a home if she's adoptable. She sounds like a pretty little cat.
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It sounds very hard for you and for the kitten (in different ways). How about your neighbor fostering the kitten?
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LOL, you guys are SO funny. Let me tell you why:

Our neighbor and I had already decided that one of us was going to wind up taking the cat in. We just weren't sure who, when, or how. But I also figured that it was one of those things that we'd talk about that just wouldn't happen

Well last night I was sitting on my porch as I like to in the late evenings, and there she was, eating from our neighbor's cat food bowl. She looked up at me and went right back to her eating -- in other words, she's getting friendlier. She's been given a name, as I've named most of the strays (there's Baloo and this one is Pretty Girl -- the tabby and white doesn't have a name yet, but I'm not sure if it's male or female for sure).

I went inside and said to my husband: "If I can catch her, Pretty Girl is coming inside to live and she's all mine!"

He just nodded! LOL!
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And Whisper and Reagan?
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I'm not in the least bit worried about Reagan -- she's the single most adaptable cat that I've ever encountered. She walked into our house and took over the minute we brought her home, and she gets along with literally *everybody*, as long as they worship her

Whisper LOVES other cats. My concern with the two of them is their deep bond, not their ability to accept, move on, and not be disrupted by adding another cat to the family. However, their "bond" was interrupted when we moved and brought the dog inside -- and now it is stronger than it's ever been, and they are even more playful with one another than before (something I've only observed in the last three days because I've been *really* paying attention).

I am fairly certain that they would both be fine. If we *do* snag "Pretty Girl" and things don't work out, our next-door neighbor wants her, too.

Eventually we *will* be getting another cat, one way or another. I consider this an unavoidable truth that comes along with being a cat lover -- I would like to have about four pet cats. It's a number I am very comfortable with and which seems to work for the animals, too, without anybody getting left behind.
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