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Weight loss, diarrhea and runny eyes

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My new 18 month old cat has been having a few problems lately. I've only had him for around three weeks so I don't know him very well yet. In the last few days, he's thrown up once, and had diarrhea three times. The rest of the time his stools are normal. The diarrhea is very liquidy and gets all over his rear. He's also lost some weight. He is normally skinny, but now his ribs are slighty showing. He's been very active and his normal self though. I'm hesitant to take him to the vet since I'm very short on money and am still trying to pay off Zorro's huge vet bills. I started switching his food about a week ago so I was thinking that maybe that's what is causing the diarrhea. Also, the woman I got him from said that all he did was lay around, and now all he does is play, so I was thinking that that might be the cause of the weight loss.
I'm worried because I just lost my other cat and am scared of losing another one, but I don't want to go back to the vets office quite yet.
Do you think it would be wise to just monitor his behaviour for the next little bit to see if its the food and new excersise causing the diarrhea and weight loss or should I bring him in??

Also, I was wondering what could cause very black goopy eyes?? His eyes need to be cleaned every day or he gets an eye infection. The woman I got him from said that he has been checked over numberous times and the vets couldn't find a reason. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be causing it??
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Diahrrea can be bad, especially if they are dyhrated. If it were me, I would watch him for maybe another 12-24 hours and if he keeps having diahrrea, I would take him to the vet. If he is loosing weight, that isn't good either. Just out of curosity, what food was he eating/ what are you switching him to now? that could be the issue.
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He was eating RoyalCanin and Nutrience and I'm switching him onto Nature's Variety Raw Instinct.
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HUMM could you be switching to fast???

NV is not a terribley rich food but any of the "grain frees " can be a bit rich
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Could also be coccidia, which is like an intestinal flu. We have a bout of it going around at the shelter where I volunteer. The cats with it look sickly, lethargic, have terrible diarrhea, and don't eat much.

Could also be what the other's said about the food.

I'd probably have him checked out by a vet if it continues or gets worse. Good luck!
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