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I just had my heart procedure Monday and I've been home since Tuesday afternoon. I'm not allowed to lift anything and I've haven't felt good so I asked my mom to please change the cat litter on Tuesday. I overheard my mom tell my sister, "If I put in the liner, would you pour in the litter?" My mom even told me my sister poured in the litter. I went to go scoop the litter a few minutes ago because it's been two days and no one does it but me. I lifted up the box lid (they have the booda dome thing) and what do I see???!!!! NO LITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The poor kitties have been using just the liner without litter for TWO days!!!!!!!!!!!! My poor babies!!!! I can't trust anyone to do anything for me!!
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What?! No litter?! That's like having no toilet paper! Hey, that gives me an idea... I know, you shouldn't but still, it would teach them a good lesson.
I hope you get better fast!
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Oh no. It's so frustrating when you can't trust somebody to do the simplest thing isn't it? Well at least your kitties didn't choose another spot to go potty. Hope you're feeling better soon.
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ouch,, ok get a large cup, and fill the box.
It will take longer but at least they will have some.
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Oh no thats really bad and for you too with your heart proceedure.

Bruce had a great idea with the cup of litter.
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I got my boyfriend to pour them some litter with fresh new liners. Ginger couldn't wait until I put the lid back on, she hopped right in to use it when the litter was put in. Poor baby!
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Poor things!! I am so sorry.
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Awwwww i bet they had a good old dig to china when they had their litter again
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Originally Posted by rachelh1018 View Post
I overheard my mom tell my sister, "If I put in the liner, would you pour in the litter?" (
I really don't understand why your mom didn't just pour in the litter herself. At least your boyfriend helped out!
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Awww, poor babies. Since there was no litter, they probably tried to hold it in until they had no choice but to use it anyway. Like catcaregiver said, good thing they didn't use the bathroom somewhere else!

Good thing you have your boyfriend to help you out.
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Geesh, what is wrong with some lazy people?
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Oh my gosh, thats just awful!! Poor angels!
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Why the heck couldn't they put some litter in for you?!! Are you asking too much? Hello, you've just had a heart procedure!! Sheesh, I'd be ticked off and would them both know about it!
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oh my goodness...... who wouldn't put litter in a cat box, how strange. Thank goodness your babies are using it though, I doubt mine would. They would tell me I was crazy and poo right next to the box like they do when I forget to clean their litter ONE day! Those cats are way to spoiled.
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awww poor baby's

I had a similar exp last yr. I was pregnant at the time and could not change the little myself (or so the doctor told me not too) I asked my BF, whom I assumed changed it. When about 4 days later I noticed Sadie had gone on my white carpet!!! I thought strange she has never done that!!!!!! So I went to her litter to see why she may have done that, and he hadn't even changed it!! I usually do it every 2-3 days, and it had been a week! I was fuming to say the least.... =Z
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