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Okay!! Who Let The Cat Out Of The Bag???

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Hmmmmm This might be a good way to smuggle those kitties home without hubby knowing!!

As soon as I get a plastic bag out to clean out the litter box Tatyana is straight in there and having the time of her life!! I think she was born to shop! :tounge2:

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Just a cautionary note. Most of these plastic bags have animal renderings used to process them, hence their attraction to cats. I have heard of cat owners, whose cats get caught in the handles and get them wrapped around themselves in a panic and get really hurt. If you have these bags laying around, only have them out while you are watching otherwise, bad things may happen.

I have one cat that will literally eat the whole bag anytime she finds one. I keep mine all stuffed in a bag caddy, although we did have Shredder who loved to jump into the bags if we were holding them.
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Very cute pics, Leslie.

I'm sure you are supervising Tat's playing in the bags. I haven't experienced it, but I have heard horror stories on this site about kitties getting caught in bags. This isn't just a reminder for you, Leslie, but for everyone whose kitties like bags like Tatyana does.
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DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!! It's okay! I know the horror stories too! I was going to put a note at the end of my post saying that it is supervised play and in a small area in case she gets caught and wants to bolt! She isn't allowed to play with them but she pounces on it as soon as there is an opportunity! LOL! She is certainly quick! I give her heaps of paper bags to play with which she loves as well but this was a sweet photo opportunity that I just couldn't resist! Tatyana is safe! I promise that I will be a good Mummy and not let any harm come to her! I am sorry if I caused concern! Thank you all for caring! If you think it best I will remove the post!
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I can only speak for myself, but I think it's fine. I just wanted to make sure that anyone looking at the cute pics of Tat knows that she is supervised and not to allow the kitties to play with bags unsupervised. Sorry for turning the thread into a "lecture" of sorts.

Now that everything is all cleared up, and everyone knows that Tatyana is safe and supervised, we can get back to the real reason for the bask in Tatyana's beauty and laugh at her antics. LOL
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Heidi I feel terrible, I just wanted to show how silly she was I don't want to give people the wrong message!


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I am sorry if I alarmed you Leslie, and if I lectured (which isn't what that was) it was out of concern for others who might surf in and see this. Didn't mean to spoil your fun.
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You didn't Hissy! I had though about it before I posted and then forgot to add that it was supervised play! I am just concerned also that people might get the wrong impression and I don't want that to happen! Safty with all toys and things that cats play with is of the utmost importance and I just didn't want to post a thread that gave the wrong impression as I said! I am more than happy to delete it! You and Heidi are doing the right thing and are angels for it! I just want to do the right thing also! I love ya both
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Well, Ivo loves her plastic bags, too (always supervised, of course). She'll sniff them and lick them and get into them. I'm glad to see my furball is not the only cat obsessed with them!

BTW Leslie, I love your new sig. Where did you get the image of the two human/cats? It's fabulous! It reminds me of my Tarot deck-The Cat People.
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I think Tat and Nakita could be twins!!!!

Look at this pic, very similar to yours!!

Wow!! I just looked and i'm a Suppppaaaa Cat!

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Thanx Christy I got them from an amazing site

The Cat Gallery

It has the most beautiful art pictures and some of the photos are just increadable! Have a look and let me know what you think!

Kassy Mate! They could be twins indeed! LOL! So cute! Oh Nooooooooooooo! Now we will never hear the end of it!!! :tounge2: Kassandra is a supa cat! Congrats mate!!!!!
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LOL...Well I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a kitty that enjoys this!
Draco does the same thing lately...he dives into the bags and slides in them across the floor...I call it his plastic bag surfing.
He's always had a thing for paper bags, especially those ones you get from chemists...he shoves his head into them and surfs across the floor inside them with no idea where he's going...LOL
Orion has no interest in either paper or plastic bag surfing and just watches Draco...probably thinking he's an idiot!
Orion has always enjoyed shredding paper, including the chemist bags and Draco will shred them once he's had enough.
Of course the bag play is supervised but I completely understand what Leslie said about Tatyana being so quick. They just see that bag and they're into it faster than you can blink! Gotta be quick LOL
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LMAO!!! Tatyana does the surfing bit too! She gets her head and front paws inside and then propels herself with her hind paws on the carpet all over the place! She only stops when she hits an obstical! :tounge2:
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LOL...yep that's exactly the same!

Kitty Bag Surfing...the new sport sensation for furbabies...LMAO
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My cats love to do this too. (Supervised of course). They always look so cute. I live across the street from a grocery store that still uses the paper bags. My cats love them too. They look so cute popping in and out of the bags.
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my kitten Leo loves to dive on the plastic bags I bring from groceries. He dives, sniffs, and then has a blast when all the bags are empty and he jumps and pounces making them all move! (imagine the noise) Ofcourse I watch him the whole time, and only let him play for a little while, then remove all the bags, and he gives me this look like "what are you doing? I was having a blast!" he doesn't go in them so much, he jumps on them and then paws at invsible things hiding under bags..

cats, so cute so funny! Can't live without em!
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all i have to do to get silas to play (supervised) in a plastic bag is to wiggle it a bit. Then he jumps into it from across the room! He also loves paper bags, but he loves boxes more that anything!!!
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Oh Leslie, there you go causing a stir again! LOL!

Shelly must inspect every single plastic bag that comes home from the grocery store - although I've never seen him try to eat or shred them (and he's a shredder!). We always bring him home a paper bag to play in once all the groceries are put away - and he "hides" in there and (as far as he's concerned) appears out of nowhere to attack the other cats. It's so funny! Then he shreds it.

P.S. Leslie - love the new siggy! Got "my" cats back!
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One night I was awoken by the sound of a cat playing with a plastic bag, then the sound of a cat charging round the upstairs of the house, followed by thump thump thump. Ronnie had found a bag and started playing with it, ending up with her neck through one of the handles, then ending up inside the bag and falling down the stairs. Luckily she was not hurt, just a little shocked that the bag had fought back. I never ever leave plastic bags out now. I need my sleep too much
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I love to get the paper bags because one cat can hide inside, and another is sure to pounce on it. They love to hear the crinkly sound, and they love to hide and still be able to see what's going on. Someone will probably end up marketing paper bags as an exotic cat toy, and make millions!

Flimflam, knowing that all is ok, that's a funny story!
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