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Kitten thinks shes in charge HELP

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Ive had this kitten for a good couple of weeks now. Now that she is comfortable with everyone in the house, and the house in general, she seems to think she is in charge of everything. She gets up at the table when we are eating, and tries to steal your food. She will eat absolutely ANYTHING if she can get her hands on it. She will knock a tall glass over so she can drink whatever is in it. Im at a lose on how to dicipline her and how to get her to stop. Hissing doesnt work for anything. I just need some ideas on how to get her to stop. She has plenty of food and water, but she just acts like shes in charge of everything, and when you tell her no, she tries to paw at your hand and claw you like "you did not just tell me no"
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About the only thing you can do with them until they're a few months older is keep them behind doors (another room) when food is around - they don't get and won't get it and save yourself a lot of trouble trying to make her get it... just move her first.
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Here are some things I have tried with different results with different cats.

Coffee can with rocks or coins in it, so that it is noisy. This doesn't work at all with Jack as loud noises don't seem to bother him at all. It does run the risk of the noise scaring them enough to knock everything to the floor, or otherwise make matters worse.

Spray bottle with water set to a mist type setting. This only works for Jack if his head is involved in getting wet.

I have also been trying to get him by the scruff and hiss, that doesn't seem effective anymore at all but I usually follow that up by closing the door of the room I am in or putting him in his room for a time out for a few. I think the time out is for me more than him... I do this when he gets overly aggressive and on the receiving end feels overly violent.

To keep him off the table when I am not at it I put things on the table I think he won't want to be on... I haven't found one that bothers him yet. I use the spray bottle when I am eating (the bottles presence itself seems to be enough at this point to make him run off).

I feel kinda bad everytime I use any of the above, but its the best I have at the moment. Now I just have to figure out how to... exit and enter the house without him escaping or at least trying like crazy, and how to keep him out of the dishwasher when its open.

I wish you luck, and hopefully some more ideas will come your way via this forum!
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Larke's idea is excellent, as you should NEVER PUNISH A CAT for unwanted behaviors -- this only makes a cat equate YOU with having to be scared, and with negative feelings (just like with people! DUH!) You may need to keep her in one room while you eat. Be patient and gentle and loving with her always, but a firm, "NO! NO!" should always follow when she does something unwanted. Kittens are like kids -- they're blank slates, and all stimuli and experiences will imprint on them, for better or worse. Keeping things loving and positive will ensure that in time, she will grow into a loving, gentle, well-behaved, beautiful cat. GOOD LUCK to you both!
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That's a female for you.....

We banish the cats to the basement if they bother us too much at dinner time. Perhaps a time out in another room with the door closed while you are eating would be a wise idea.

You just have to be consistent every time they get on something they shouldn't be on.
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I just wrote a description of it, it might help you:


She wants to be like you. She admires you, she thinks you're great, so she's going to imitate you. She's hurt when her overtures, out of admiration, are rebuffed.

Toys, toys, toys. You can't have too many toys for the active, intelligent Alpha. If she wants to drink from a glass, get her a glass that's hers. If she's messing with your stuff, get her stuff that's hers.

More than any other cat, Alphas want everything to be their own idea. And right now she's too young to hold too many ideas in her head at once. Don't be exasperated with her, just confine her to rooms where she won't get into so much mischief and be sure to fuss over good behavior.

Don't expect too much too soon. She's only a baby. Keep your sense of humor, admire her intelligence, and don't feel badly about not giving her the run of the house if she can't handle it. The goal is a great cat; she will learn.
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I had to laugh becuase ALL my cats started off, "thinking they were in charge"

With the food and drink I just gently set them on the floor or away from whatever I don't want them to have and say "no".
I'll do it repeatedly and a million times if I have to.
If I'm eating in a "kitty zone" I bring my spray bottle so they know not to mess with momma's food. IMO it's no different than the alpha cat hissing or striking when they get too close to their food.

They learn pretty quickly as long as you're diligent. If I just don't have the patience for the lesson at that moment I'll put them in the other room while I eat or whatever...

good luck, and hang in there...
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