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Originally Posted by Studio224 View Post
I don't think that's normal at all. I think you should take him to the vet ASAP. Have you touched his tummy? Does he let you or does he protest as in pain? Does it seems "liquid" or "solid". Has he passed some bowel movement?

On the first photo he does seem sick (the before photo) poor little guy...
He lets me touch his tummy just fine actually. He never liked it before and would give you a very light nip as a warning but now he lets me not only touch it but press it. It is not hard but soft like liquid. He has been having bowel movements once a day, they are small however.

He has been sick for about 2 1/2 weeks now and has been progressivly getting worse it seems. I am going to call the vet and try getting an appointment for sooner than Sat.
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The first thought that came to my mind when you said his belly was swollen was FIP. That's why I suggested you went to the vet... I hope it's not ( and I am not a vet, just someone with "some" experience of cats so I hope I am wrong!) it could be also that he might need another round of worm medicine. He could be constipated with hard feces difficult to pass. Anyway, it's not normal. I don't think it's related to food since you said he was not eating a lot. Only the vet with an examination will tell you what's wrong.

Don't be discouraged though, some shelters don't have the money, the time or enough vets to make sure a pet given to adoption is 100% healthy but Ernie is lucky to have found you to help him get back his health... Keep us posted.
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I just called the shelter that i got Ernie from and I have no choice but to take him back there and have thier vet take a look at him tomorrow night. I do not want to take him back as I know its hard on him going back there but I dont have to pay to be seen (the person I spoke with was very nice). I am still going to take him to his vet on Sat but since he needs to be seen asap this is the only option for me.

He has not eaten in over 24 hours so I just fed him some food through a syringe; I also gave him just a little water. He is cleaning his face as I made a big mess of him trying to do it I have a class tonight and a important exam and i can neither study nor concentrate on it. I will give him some more food before I go and ask my husband to give him some when he gives him his medicine tonight.

FIP has crossed my mind as I have searched the internet for what might possibly cause this, the fact that his breathing has gotten worse has not helped either. I just hope for the best.
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Do you have a vaporizer you could use in a small room to ease the congestion? Just use plain water. If not, try running a hot shower while you have him in the bathroom - if it's nice and steamy, it might help.
for Ernie!
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Originally Posted by Studio224 View Post
The first thought that came to my mind when you said his belly was swollen was FIP.
That's what I thought, too. One of the symptoms of FIP can be a swollen belly that expands rapidly. Plus, you say he's having a difficult time breathing: That would indicate to me that his lungs are filling with fluid - another FIP symptom. You need to get him to the vet ASAP..

I sure hope it's NOT FIP. I will be praying for Ernie, and be sending more good vibes you way..

Keep us updated!

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Missmun52, you and Ernie are in my prayers... I hope to God this is not FIP, I am praying so Ernie who has been through so much already gets better and gets the life he deserves...
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Let me introduce you to Charlie:

He was found on the highway next to his dead littermate. He has been here just over 30 days and he has given me a crash course in the damage that roundworms do to kittens and cats.

Like Ernie, Charlie was also rounded in the belly, had poor appetite, had to be given supportive fluids from home and so far has racked up quite an impressive vet bill!

It is possible that Ernie also has a URI because the worms can cause this, and block up sensitive tissues and wreck havoc inside and literally make the cat unwilling to eat.

Here is charlie during his bloated days

He was wormed repeatedly with different types of wormers, but finally after he grew healthy and began to gain some strength and body weight, I wormed him with Profender a brand new topical wormer with the assistance of my vet.

Here is Charlie today:

We have had scary moments, times when I was sure he wasn't going to make it, long prayer vigils, and many good wishes and assistance from the members on this board. He still wheezes, his breath still smells, but there is no more open-mouth breathing, his URI changed into the diagnosis of the feline herpesvirus after I took him to a feline specialist. He is clearly the most expensive kitten I have ever had the pleasure to know. I do not have a full-time job. I rescue privately out of pocket and write articles for a living. I know how you are struggling to not spend money on Ernie, but don't give up.

Roundworms can do major damage to the heart, lungs and other tissue. They can become such an obstruction when they start to die off, that bowel movements are difficult, appetite goes way down and the cat just doesn't feel good.

Talk to your vet about profender. It is made by Bayer Health- but remember that this is a brand new wormer for cats- and being one that goes on the skin, there is controversy surrounding it, so read ALL the literature.

I went this route with Charlie because he was doing so poorly for so long. Now, his name has evolved from Hardluck Charlie to Hurricane Charlie and he is a fiesty in your face type of kitten.

I pray I have offered you hope and I wish you luck- You can PM if you like-

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Thank you Hissy. I sent you a PM
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Ernie has had three very very liquid stools. I gave him some water with a little sugar and salt in it earlier because he is not eating and drinking on his own anymore and he seemed to really like that and drank the entire bowl. Now it is all coming out. I checked for worms but none.

Why is he having diarrhea; is it the water I gave him??
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I don't know... Are you going to the shelter vet today? He still doesn't want to eat?
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Originally Posted by Studio224 View Post
I don't know... Are you going to the shelter vet today? He still doesn't want to eat?
No he is not eating. For the past almost two weeks he has been eating chicken and turkey stage two baby food which consists of starch, water and chicken/turkey. Thats the only thing I could get him to eat, now he does not want that. I tried giving him cat food, I even put it on my finger but he tried to get away from me backing into a corner and turning his head.

Ernie is going to be seen by the shelter vet this afternoon; my husband is going to take him. I am about to give him some food through a syringe again and see how that goes.
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I am here praying for this little soul that doesn't deserve such suffering... I hope the vet at the shelter finds what's wrong with Ernie so he can get back his health...
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Originally Posted by Studio224 View Post
I am here praying for this little soul that doesn't deserve such suffering... I hope the vet at the shelter finds what's wrong with Ernie so he can get back his health...
Thank you for your support. I cant wait till Ernie sees the vet in just a few hours.

His tummy has gotten bigger in what seem to be just a few hours and I really fear the worse for him.
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I'm so sorry to hear that Ernie isn't doing any better. I sure hope the vet can figure out what's wrong, and get him back on the right track...

I'll continue to pray for him, and send more good vibes your way..

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Originally Posted by KittKatt View Post
I'm so sorry to hear that Ernie isn't doing any better. I sure hope the vet can figure out what's wrong, and get him back on the right track...

I'll continue to pray for him, and send more good vibes your way..

Thank you. In just a little while my husband will be here to pick us up. Ernie just threw up on the bathroom carpet. He is just so bad. I never thought I would be crying like this but it hurts....

I will let you all know how it goes later tonight
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I'm sorry Ernie's not any better so I'm sending him lots of healthy kitty vibes.
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Vibes and prayers for Ernie to recover soon!
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I would like to thank you all for your love, support, and advice during this past month. I am sad to say however that I had to leave Ernie at the shelter because he was just so sick and it was determined that he had FIP.

He has really not been eating for several days and has had severe dirrhea and vomiting very recently. Before we made the decision we noticed that he was having some neurological problems as he could not control his head. The vet took some fluid out of Ernies tummy and it was straw yellow. He was just so sick and so sad. They let me hold him and say goodbye. They never mentioned putting him to sleep but they did not have to. I could not stand to see it anyway, I was crying so much; they were so nice and loving also.

Ernie got so bad so fast. I had so much hope and really believed he would get better. His tummy was so big, it just kept getting bigger. I am more sad than I ever believed I would be. I was just not ready for this.

Thank you all again
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I'm so sorry. You did all you could for him. He was a lucky kitty having you for the last month or so....
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missmum52, I am so sorry. I can't write much because of the tears. Sending you lots of sympathy vibes.
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I am so sorry for you... We are never prepared for that... Try to remember the good things about Ernie... You had him about a month, for this period of time he knew what it was to have a home, to be loved and cherished, you played with him. He was HAPPY. This is what's important. He had a home, he had you, he was not alone...
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You know the hardest part in all of this is that my son who will be three next month was looking for Ernie in all his hiding places. He keeps talking about him and there is no way of explaining this to him. We told him Ernie had to be left with the doctor because he was sick last night but as soon as we got home he looked for him in the house.

The shelter wants to give me another cat; Ernies litter mates Elton and or Elisa and I want to take them (my husband only thinks we have room for one now but I will try to talk him into both) but the vet said its best to wait as when he gets a cat with FIP at his vet. hospital (maybe once per year)they disinfect with bleach then wait at lest three weeks before putting another cat in the kennel. (hope the two are still there by this time)

I dont want to get another cat and call him Ernie as I want his brother and sister (or another cat) to have thier own identity and have him live with me in my heart but my son is not taking this well. He new somthing was wrong last night and was so sad but soon forgot we even left Ernie and thought he was still with us. The thought of providing a home for his family makes me feel so much better but I am not sure how my son will take it if we get two cats and neither is Ernie.

If I dont think about those two at the shelter I think about Ernie and doing that makes me cry. It makes it easier to clean up all his stuff. I am going to throw out his little house as he took the blanket out of it and layed in it and there is no way of washing it as I would like. In his final time he got pretty messy using the bathroom and always went in there without cleaning himself (I had to do it a few times) and for fear of giving it to another cat i would better throw it out and by another small cat house/tree.

Also what are the chances that the other cats have FIP? In the shelter they seperate them by age in sperate room but they roam free and you go in and play with them. I dont think I could take this happening again. Also di you think I should just get another cat and name him Ernie as suggest to me to make it easier for my son who often went to Ernie just to say "I love you Ernie , your a sweet cat" - he would always say this when he was not chasing him lol.

Sorry this is so long, but I really have no one else to talk to this about.
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Just one thing as have to go to work now ( about the FIP I'll answer later), I am a mom too. I think you should tell your son that Ernie was very very sick and has gone to the cats heaven. I think you should tell him that quickly so he will know that Ernie is not coming back, and slowly he will come to terms with that. Don't let him think Ernie is coming back but explain to him as gently as possible that Ernie was so sick that he went to heaven, and one day he will see him etc...
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I am so sorry to hear that Ernie didn't make it. I know this isn't much of a consolation, but you did the right thing: Ernie is no longer suffering, and is at peace now.

I would wait for awhile to get another cat, b/c FIP germs can remain in the house for quite some time. I don't know for how long exactly: maybe one of the TCS peeps will know, and can give you advice...

RIP, Ernie.

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I'm so sorry to hear this, even though it was half-expected. RIP, little Ernie, you were loved and are missed.

You can start a tribute thread to Ernie in the Crossing the Bridge Forum: A link to that thread can be posted in this one, and when your questions have been answered, just ask any moderator to close this thread.

I'd follow the vet's advice about disinfecting and waiting. There are so many kittens and cats in need of a good home that even if Ernie's litter mates are no longer available, you can give a home to others in his honor.

When you do bring in (an)other cat(s), why not let your son choose the name(s)? I think he's old enough to do so.

As far as telling him that Ernie has gone to heaven, I would. Our nephew, who lived with us, was three when we had to have our dog put to sleep. He was quite aware that the dog was old and sick, and while he didn't grasp that "going to heaven" was permanent, it seemed to help him deal with the dog's absence. Our cat died a short time later, and our nephew asked if our cat had gone to see our dog in heaven. Oddly enough, he still remembers both, although he's turning 20. I was telling him just a week ago that I was going to buy new down comforters for Christmas, and he mentioned the pile of old down comforters we had in the corner of our living room for the dog and cat when the dog was ailing.

FIP is just horrific, and I'm very sorry that your family has been a victim of it.
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My vet advises his clients to wait 2 months before introducing a new cat in a home where a cat died of PIF. He says that everything needs to be desinfected with bleach or a medical desinfectant. Everything that belonged to the cat like blankets, pillows, bed, litter box, plates etc should be thrown away.

I do hope you consider adopting another cat but I would respect this quarantine as a safety measure.
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A tribute to Ernie can be found in the Crossing The Bridge forum:
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