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Kitten not playing and jumping anymore  

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My kitten is almost 6 months and is not playing. He wont run and he does not leap off surfaces anymore, he takes his time and slowly comes down with much caution. he sleeps all day and comes out in the night only to sit on my lap to sleep more.

If I dangle a toy in front of him he will reach up for it but will not run if i throw it (something he loved to do). I will mention he was recently neutered two weeks ago and although he never came back to his old running around all night self, he did play with me during our play sessions of about 20 min each night until just recently.

I called two vets. One can take him this Sat and the other wont see him till next week as they are booked and said it is not an emergency because he is still eating, drinking (although little...forgot to mention he use to drink alot but I have introduced wet food so maybe he did not need as much water) pooping and peeing.

The vet I have to wait for, is low cost, $34 for an office visit and everything else is low too and the other is $51 for a visit and the last time I went I came away spending $140 and mind you I had a $30 coupon.

Not sure if I should wait and go to the low cost vet or does this need attention like now??? I would really rather spend less money as my Dh is the only one that works.

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I would get him checked out asap as being neutered shouldn't cause him to be so lethargic. If he's eating very little and has no interest in play it sounds like the poor thing might not be himself. Is he having diarrhoea or vomiting or anything like that?
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From what you describe, he might have a fever. This lethargy is not normal. Spaying doesn't do that to cats. Does he eat enough? Does he drink? When you say:
he takes his time and slowly comes down with much caution. he sleeps all day and comes out in the night only to sit on my lap to sleep more.
These are signs of alarm: slowly coming down and sleeping all day.

I would not wait for the vet next week.
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I'd get him to a vet sooner rather then later. It could be anything - hopefully its not something major, but neurological problems came to my mind when you described his behavior.

Here's healing vibes for whatever it might be
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I made an appointment with another vet for tomorrow, the affordable one close to me was all booked and could not/would not take him. I searched online and found that the north shore animal league has a health center and made an appointment. The exam is only $35. I am going to bring a stool sample and they only charge $15 for that (how old can it be, he usually does is stuff at night and the appointment is in the late evening), his vet charges $50 for just a stool screening so I cancelled with them.

I have been feeding Ernie stage two baby food with water mixed in becasue I have noticed he is not really eating and drinking any more but he will have about half a jar in addition to the water I mix in. The drive to the vet is about 40 min but I will probably come away spending half the cost so hopefull it is worth it.

I am so worried about him as I know things are just not right. If I had no other choice i guess i would have had to pay a bunch of money that I could use but thankfully I found a more economical choice.
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Stool samples, the fresher the better. If you have to catch it early, put it in the fridge. My vet says no more than 12 hours old.

for Ernie!
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poor baby... sounds like a fever...
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Hopefully it will be nothing else then a scare... Please let us know how that appointment goes. Good vibes for you baby....
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Sorry to hear your cats not feeling well. Hope hes feeling better real soon!
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How are we doing now???
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I went to the vet this afternoon with Ernie and he is not doing very well. He has a fever and was dehydrated. He also has an upper respiratory infection and a gum infection (they are red and swollen). His breath smells really bad but this being my first cat I thought it was normal though horrid. It has gotten a little worse since we have had him, I am surprised the first vet I took him to (EXPENSIVE ONE) did not catch it. Two weeks ago he was about 7 pounds, he is now 5 pounds.

The shelter that I got him from told me he was neutered and he was not, so about 2 weeks ago we took him back and they did it. A few days later he started going downhill, the vet said he may have caught something from there.

Ernie is now on two weeks of antibiotics and I am currently feeding him Human baby food (stage 2, without onions and garlic) as that’s all he will eat, so the vet said give him what he will eat, we just want to get something in him. Because he was dehydrated he also had to get an infusion of fluids into him; he hated this

I go back to the vet in two weeks but will watch him and take him back sooner if need be. Thanks for all your well wishes. Keep praying for Ernie.
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poor sweet baby. It sounds like kitty is getting the necessary care now though and I'm sending for a full and speedy recovery...

hang in there
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Poor baby... If he doesn't want to it, you will have to force feed him, putting the baby food into a syringe. That's very important, he must eat. To check the dehydration, pinch and pull his skin, if the skin takes time to get back on place, it means he is dehydrated. Don't hesitate to take him back to the vet if he is dehydrated. Good thoughts for your baby
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for Ernie. Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in quickly.
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Just got the results from the stool sample i brought with me and Ernie also has roundworms. I have to drive 40 min to the vet to pick up the medication probably on Thursday as thats the only time I can go. i wonder if this is also adding to his condition and the weight loss.

I dont understand how he has them as the shelter i got him from said he was dewormed 3 times since birth with the last time being mid september. is it possible for him to still be infested even after three series of treatment. As i mentioned in the first post, they said they neutered him and did not, now should I think they did nothing at all for him?? I called the shelter with this question when i found out he was not actually neutered and they assured me everything else was done and that it was a mistake

I am a worry wort and now I feel like everyone in my house probably has them now I feel like going to the doctor and getting everyone on worm medication (crazy I know) Sould I be concerned with everywhere he walks and sits (like the couch pillows) having them on the surfaces. Or the floor in the bathroom where he tracks so much litter?

This is getting to be too much. I have spent so much money since I had Ernie and there has been one thing after another. I love him so I deal with it, but Its just alot for me right now.
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omg, hang in there
once Ernie gets a clean bill of health it will all be worth it.

on a seperate note, if you're concerned about the roundworm passing around your family call the family doc. I'm sure the doctor can give you sound advice.
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Sort of off subject here but by any chance are you talking about the North Shore Animal league just outside of Salem MA? I only ask because when I took my kitten there, everything was cheapish and great, but when the cat becomes 'adult' (not sure what the cut-off age is), the fees there go up a lot, and it shocked me. I just dont want you to be shocked too I actually still use them for both my cats because the vets/assistants are so nice and its close to where I live, but I dont consider them cheap anymore. x
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I go to the one on Long Island. They have a standard fee schedual for all animals. $22 for vacinations, $35 for a office visit, $15 for a fecal test ect. The fees are on thier site which I like and thats what they actually charged when I went. I hope it does not increase. I came away spending about $85 on Sat. for a office visit, antibiotics, fecal testing, and Subcu fluids. I thought that was pretty good even though my husband did not. the vets on long Island charge a lot and I came away spending about $20 less than I would for just an office visit and fecal exam.

Thanks for the heads up though, I will ask them just to be sure when i go pick up his meds this week.
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The worms don't surprise me. Virtually every dog, and most of the cats, we've adopted from shelters had worms, and managed to pass them to other pets. A weak bleach solution should kill any worm eggs on surfaces.

The North Shore Animal League is connected with the Animal Rescue Site: http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com/c...tohelp_leftnav, and you can make a free donation of food just by clicking daily. Their online store has some great pet-themed gifts, and part of the proceeds go to food for shelter animals.
(No, this isn't spam - I have no connection to the site, but I'm a dedicated clicker/shopper.)
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Originally Posted by jcat View Post
The worms don't surprise me. Virtually every dog, and most of the cats, we've adopted from shelters had worms, and managed to pass them to other pets. A weak bleach solution should kill any worm eggs on surfaces.
will this bleach out my carpet and such or will it be too weak to do so? I dont want all my stuff changing colors. lol. My entire house is carpeted except the bathroom and kitchen.
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Originally Posted by missmun52 View Post
will this bleach out my carpet and such or will it be too weak to do so? I dont want all my stuff changing colors. lol. My entire house is carpeted except the bathroom and kitchen.
Now you've got me. The carpets at the shelter are light beige, and bleach doesn't mess them up. We don't have carpets, and our furniture is leather or wood (I have asthma). I know there's Chlorox for colored fabrics, but I don't know if it sterilizes like regular Chlorox.

Could you rent a steam cleaner for the carpets? That's what I use on our floors and the Oriental rug in the living room.
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I'm assuming that if the shelter where you adopted Ernie from lied about him being neutered when he wasn't, they would also lie to you about deworming him, too. I'm sorry to hear that you were deceived.

He probably picked up the URI from the shelter, too. URI's are very contagious, and it's not uncommon for cats to catch them from the shelters or vets' offices.

You did the right thing by taking Ernie in ASAP. How is he doing now??

I hope the little guy is feeling better!

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Well I used the bleach solution on my carpets and couch and it did not turn them colors. My house does smell like bleach however but I have the windows open and hope the smell goes in a few days. I bought a vacume two nights ago and it is wonderful. Its a bissell pet hair eraser. I had a small vacume that was not really any good and when i vacumed with this thing I was amazed at how much stuff it got up so I think I did a good job at cleaning everything. I dont have to have a heart attack when my son rols around all over the floor and puts his face on the carpet which he loves to do (thats why no shoes in the house)

Ernie seems to be doing a little better. he is still not eating as he should but he will take some bites of the dry food and his breath does not smell anymore. He has been taking his meds with no problem at all; he opens his mouth for my husband and everything.

He is still not jumping very much though. I have locked him out of the bedroom and living room until the worms are gone for my sons sake and i had the baby gate up last night, He was so sad and determined that he cried and cried and then finally jumped over it. Well, we had to put him in the bathroom but he stays in the closet in there all days anyway, he just came out at night and at feeding times and slept either with us in the bedroom or in the living room.

How long does it usually take for them to be rid of the worms? And what can I do to stop this from happening again if anything?

jcat, right now I rent but I plan on getting a home with all wood floors and buying a leather couch. Right now I am in school and I was just accepted to the Nursing program for jan. When I am finished we plan to buy our first home. I think it is much cleaner to have a set up like yours especially with pets.

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Well last night we gave Ernie Strongid. I picked up two doses from the vets office for him and it only cost $12 for both. I gave him one last nigt and they said to give him the next three weeks after.

I had given him revolution on 10/21 (did a bad job however and he licked it off) and hope it was ok to have given him the strongid 2 1/2 weeks later.

Right now he still seems sick and only ate about 1/2 a jar of baby food today but has been eating about 2 jars each day for the past few days so i dont know what happened today; maybe the strongid? He is still not drinking but I do mix his food with water.

he lives in the bathroom as I am crazy about worms and hope he does not ever have them again as its a big fear of mine; I had them as a child and still have memories. the doctor told my mom she was lucky when she brought me as i was heavily infested and they were moving up to my brain. I was deathly thin thats how my mom knew things were not ok. dont want that happening to my son. Hopefully Ernie wllbe as good as new soon!
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If I were you I wouldn't keep him in the bathroom much longer, the worm medication is supposed to work in a few hours so you and your family should be ok. However by keeping him any longer in the bathroom I am afraid your cat might get into a depression hence not eating much. It is much more difficult to treat a cat against depression then against worms.
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I certainly don't blame you for having a worm phobia, not after going through what you did as a kid. But I think it's safe to let Ernie out of "lock-up" now: those dewormers generally work pretty fast..

Ernie's appetite probably will take awhile to pick up - not only b/c he's not feeling well (we're the same way too, when we get sick) but also b/c he probably can't smell or taste very much due to the URI. When a cat can't smell or taste their food, they usually don't want to eat...

You are a good Meowmy, and Mommy too, worrying about both your babies' health.

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I let ernie out yesterday night only to notice that his tummy is now really fat and round. He did not look like this before and my husband said it really did get bigger. we just dewormed him and since he never had a big tummy I dont see how it could be worms as it got bigger after we gave him the wormer.

I have an appointment with the vet this Sat and will try calling today to see if this is anything I should be concerned about.

Is it normal for thier tummies to get round and bloated after you give them to wormer; also I never saw any worms come out and it has been about 3 days maybe they are still in there and are making his tummy big now??(sorry to sound silly but I just dont know)

Also let me add that I felt his tummy and it is very soft, not at all hard.

I am going to try to get some pictures on here later.
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It is unlikely you will see any worms - they usually get absorbed. I normally consider 24 hours long enough to keep cats in isolation. The round tummy may be due to the action of the wormer but check with your vet in a day or two if it looks abnormal or if he is not eating. Good luck - you have had a bad time, but I am sure it will get better.
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Here are some pictures of Ernie. I called the vet and they said maybe its the worms that are dying....after 4 days?!?! Then she says maybe I fed him too much, after I told her he is not really eating much. (this was not to the vet I originally saw by the way, she was working at the time). Well I am trying to wait to go on sat as cant go twice this week, but please tell me what you think.



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I don't think that's normal at all. I think you should take him to the vet ASAP. Have you touched his tummy? Does he let you or does he protest as in pain? Does it seems "liquid" or "solid". Has he passed some bowel movement?

On the first photo he does seem sick (the before photo) poor little guy...
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