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Have big news

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First off I am now living with my boyfriend who I have known since I was ten but a bit ago we got back together and its like we never seperated and I know its right. Second I am no longer employed and I am not really in a big hurry to find a new job. Well atleast not for a little while. He said I don't have to work but I want to just not any more of those jobs were I feel like I am half way killing myself to work. There is alot of other big news but I don't really havetime to tell you all right now I just wanted to check in. Love and Hugs Gail.
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I'm so glad you've got a place to stay! I hope things work out with you & your boyfriend....what do the kits think?
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It will be a few days before I can get the cats with me I want to be settled before I try to move Tavia since she is so easily upset and I may leave Lilly here for a little bit. Just until I get Tavia settled because she is very difficult to get to adapt to change.
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Just wanted to say hope everything goes well for you!
Congrats on getting together with your BF!
Good Luck with everything!
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Wow lots of news. I hope everything works our and Tavia can join you soon. Perhaps being some stuff over so she gets used to the new smells??
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Congrats!! Sounds like one of those turning points in life...a fresh start. Good luck and much happiness!
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Congradulations! I'm glad everything is looking up for you!
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Glad to see things are going well for you. Will you be using Feliway for Tavia's move? When Tavia joins you, she may sense your overall joyful "vibes" and adjust easier than you think. Sending lots of prayers and happiness vibes to your new situation
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i hope that everything goes well for both and the cats,
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