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We just drew for the winner of the free copy of this book!!!!!!!

Congratulations to LDG! You won the draw!!!
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Nenners, I'm so excited about this book that I can hardly wait!!!! I am really looking forward to seeing the painting of Snowball!!!
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Darn my covers blown! The idea actually came from Hissy sorta. I read about the book you are sending to Anne of all your cats. I thought to myself "Why can't I illustrate a book with TCS members cats and donate the proceeds. I PM'd Hissy, and the rest is history!It's been fun being sneaky sneaky! I almost blew my cover a couple of times.
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Well, now the cat is outta of the bag! Hey what is going to happen to the original paintings? I would like to buy mine if possible?
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Uhhh Hissy good point - ME TOO!!!!
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Thanks so much Nenners! The preliminary sketches posted recently were gorgeous. You are very talented, and generous.
Will we be able to buy the original paintings? That is a great idea.
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Congrats Laurie on the freebie! You deserve it for all of the hard work you do and you fate seemed to guide the hand of the draw!

I would love to buy Merl's pic too if possible!
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I never thought about selling the originals. I was going to keep them for a portfolio but I could photo copy them for that. I would have to talk with Hissy. I wouldn't even know how much to sell them for to be honest.
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Talk to me then! Let's take it to PM's or email.....
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That is so nice of you Nenners to do such a wonderful thing!

Woo hoo Congrats Laurie for winning the book!!!!!!!!!!!! Yayyyyyy!
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I would like to have Rowdy's or, at least, a lithograph.
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This is what is being discussed now. The book itself will be $25.00 (perhaps LESS)

The original paintings will be for sale to the owners for $50.00. Nenners will send me a few color copies in the mail next week so I can put them up here for you guys to see.

Nenners will donate half of what she gets for the Original paintings to CWSI. Sound fair?
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Sounds wonderful! I just told hubby that we need to start saving up money for all this. LOL

I want to add my THANKS to everyone else's. Janine, your offer is more than generous, and your talents exquisite. I can't wait to see Ophelia!!
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YAY! Wow! I can't believe I won! I don't ever win stuff! Well - guess I can't say that anymore...Gary's going to be so thrilled!!

Nenners - we'd like to buy our originals too!
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Great News and a big hug and congrats to LDG the super star mod extraordinaire Woo Hoo!!!!!!

Okay so I just have to kinda double it to get an idea of costs?? as this is in American right?
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The dollar has been kind of up against the US dollar recently, getting close to 60c, so $US25 is about $AU 42.50. But then there's postage etc...

Universal currency converter

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Thanks Hon!

Perhaps if you and Louise want a book also then we can save on postage???
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That would be great!
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Nenners, please count me in. I'll be purchasing a book as well as the original painting of Loki! It worth every penny and so much is going to a good cause!!!

Please let me know how to go about it when you are ready.

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Bump! I hate to this this thread go to the bottom! It is so very important!
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