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Announcement Concerning Nancy Draw

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Since so many of you want to know who this wonderful person is, it was decided that there will be a set of clues put up leading to her identity. If you guess who she is- please email me your answer maryanne@thecatsite.com then you enter into a drawing for a FREE copy of the book she is working on!

Fair enough? Here is the first set of clues:

This is the first clue to make you all paw
Along the trail that leads to Nancy Draw
She recently just made it to Alpha Cat,
So she not only paints, but she posts how bout that?

When she first joined the boards, only one replied to her thread
And a feral she rescued, slept right on her bed.
She’s really quite active in the Alphabet game-
So tell me does anyone here know her name?
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bump goes the mystery
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Okay, I have my guess....I may be wrong...but I will e-mail it to you anyway!
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I guessed right! I guessed right!!!

I needed something to lift my spirits tonight, what with crying about Scruff tonight, and this made me feel so good to know who this wonderful wonderful person is!!! (although I already thought she was so very nice, I had no idea till just a bit ago when I guessed that she was the mystery artist!!!!!!!) How cool!!!!!!!!!!!
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I know! I know! Do I get to win something too?
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Anyone who thinks they know, send me an email with the name, if you are right, you get a chance to win a free book that she is working on. Fair enough? Only 3 guesses per member allowed though, if you can't guess it then....
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My goodness, a whole board full of sleuths! Seven people have it right so far........I should of pulled up tougher clues!
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Elementary Dear Watson
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Oh....Happy dance!!!! I got it right!!!! Yay!
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I got it right, too.
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When you look at the photos
She's hiding her face,
Her work hours are long,
it's the hectic pace
She hates to do laundry, because Shawn as she knows
will never lift one finger to help her fold clothes.

This is the second clue, there will be one more set
So tell me do you know who this person is yet?
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So far the following have guessed the right person:

Kiwideus-Debby-Kassandra-Whisker's Mom-Bren1-Bundylee-Myste-dtolle & Heidi...Great job guys!

Also a question for those of you interested in buying this book. It looks like it will be done on an advanced sale type printing. The price is still a bit up in the air, but it looks like it won't go over $25.00 apiece, would you think $25.00 is to much to pay for this special book?
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$25.00 is cheap!!!

I'll buy one (My Cooper is in there!)
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Bill and I will buy one. Our Rowdy is in it!
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For those of us with our kitties included, I think we would pay about any price for beautifully painted portraits of our kitties and wonderfully created poems about our furry loves. (Except my hubby, of course, who thinks that because it includes our kitty we should get it free ). I think under $25 is a great price.

The real question is, for those who don't yet have their kitty in the book - would you pay this amount for it? The cost is all going to the Cat Welfare Society of Israel (tax deductable ), and if we get a good enough response there could be more books (with portraits of other active members' kitties!).
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I guess I'm still waiting until the last minute to find out who Nancy Drew is-it's like a Christmas present a few months late! And of course, $25 is no where near too much to see Ivo in her painted glory with Mary Anne's wonderful poem. I can't wait until I can order a copy for me and Dad and Uncle Brian and....
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$25 is an excellent price! I would even pay $50 if I had to. Its great that all of the profits are going to the cat welfare society.
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I think for those involved - not just those with cats featuring in the book, but those who know what great work is carried out and those on this site, $25 is very cheap.

I'm going to try and order several copies (funds permitting at the time). Hissy - do you know when the publication date is scheduled for?
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Well we have two more that guessed correctly:

sfell and sarah casey Congrats you two!
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I agree with Heidi - I'd pay just about anything for it because it has our kitty in it!

BTW - I GUESSED RIGHT TOO! ...and after the FIRST set of clues! (Patting self on back)
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Your name is on the list, and I never put it on the board! Sorry!

Laurie is on the list too folks!
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me too!! me too!!!!! I guessed right too!!!!!!! We are all so smart, aren't we?
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ummm dtolle? Your name is in the first list on this thread
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I think $25 is very reasonable!
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Coming out of the painting closet is our own Nenners!!! She is Nancy Draw. She emailed me about this idea, because she was in a painting slump and needed something new to kick her paintbrush in gear! Looks like this idea was just the ticket for her and she is going full steam ahead with it.

Thanks Nenners for all of this, from all of us!

And sorry to those of you who still wanted me to put clues up, but I flat ran out of time to search for more clues....
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Thank you Nenners!!!
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Nenners - I agree with Lizza! WOW!!!!!

It is such a fabulous idea - and with the profits going to charity???? You're wonderful!!!!!

Lazlo, Gary and I thank you!!! Shelly and Spooky are jealous!

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Nenners- Merlin says thank you for helping him take the 1st step to fame and world domination. So far he has just been practicing at home, but he is now ready to take over the world!
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Yes, LOKI say thanks because of you will head for Bengal stardom!

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Nenners-Thank you so much for this unbelievably generous offer. I know Ivo the Princess is looking forward to appearing before her adoring public in your portrait!
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