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Lost & Found Pets: CA Fires Video

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This video was made by a fellow SV whom I "met" during Katrina reunions.

While the middle section contains photos of lost and found animals, the beginning and end give a great perspective for anyone who has no idea what it is to be in the path of a huge wildfire. These fires were pushed by 60-100 mile per hour winds...they travel fast. Kept that thought in mind when you see the fireline photos. The photos will give you goose bumps.

Nothing graphic, though all in all it is a sad video.

Please forward to anyone you know in the fire area. They may know someone who is missing these pets.


Mods: I didn't know where to put this, but would like the lost and founds to get as many views as possible.
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I loved that image of the firemen pouring a bottle of water for that dog near the beginning

Deffinatly sad little video
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I watched it this morning. It made me cry. It's very well done.
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how awful I hope those pets and their families are reunited
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Ugh. Why did I watch that? I sat and cried like a baby because you just know that some of those lost little ones perished in the fire. Too sad.
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Oh God! That just ripped my heart out!
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Those pets are definitely worth our thoughts and prayers. Although the video is sad, the music is beautiful and we must keep this threat alive so that it gets viewed and forwarded.
The scenes of the rescued animals are great - I love the shot of the goats being milked at the beach
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Thanks for watching everyone and commenting to keep this thread bumped.

It is amazing how forwarding these photos can help get an animal home.
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