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Adoption Vibes Needed!

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I just got a message that someone is interested in my foster cat Akahsa. I'm going to call and talk to her at lunch, tell her all about the cat and see if she wants to meet her this evening.

This kitty really needs to find a home before the holidays or she'll go back in a cage while I'm out of town for several weeks

Can I get some TCS vibes that this women will fall in love with her?

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Ohh Paula...Many vibes that they will fall in love with her She is so beautiful!!
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Lots of powerful TCS vibes are on the way that the woman who called will fall helplessly in love with Akahsa.
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Mega mega love at first sight
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We hope that Akahsa finds a loving home
Tons of For Akahsa!
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Mega adoption !!

Just don't get your hopes up too much, I've done it too often only to have the people not follow through.
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Good Luck adoption vibes
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Coming your way.
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It was no go

She needs a quiet home, where she is preferably the only cat and this woman had an active home with an active cat who would want to play.

Akasha doesn't like other cats and hides at sudden noises, etc.

Hopefully someone else will come along soon that is perfect for her.
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Aww...that's to bad.
There is someone out there with the perfect home for Akahsa.
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I'm sorry it didn't work out. Someone will come along that will be purr-fect...they always do.
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