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Question of the Day - November 1st

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Happy November!!!! 3 weeks till Thanksgiving!

how much Halloween candy do you have left?
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None, we never bought any.
We will later today though after it all gets marked down
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OMG SO MUCH David took it all to work
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
how much Halloween candy do you have left?
...Not trick or treat for me, but I buy some candies for the Altars!
Happy thursday Katie!
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Aaaaaaaaaaallllll of it! That's why I buy Peanut Butter cups and raisins -- I know we'll be eating at least some of it and usually most of it. Most of the "commercial issue" Hallowe'en stuff does not turn our crank, but those we enjoy. And, we both have offices to help.
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Quite a bit even though me and the neighbour started picking at it
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None We don't buy any candy for Halloween
We never have that many kids anyways so we'd have loads of candy if we bought any
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We have never gotten trick or treaters so the only candy I buy is to send to our daughter in college or to fill goodie bags for our 7th grader to bring to school.
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I never buy candy for Haloween!
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none! I was good this year...didn't BUY any, didn't EAT any...
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I may have my bf take it to work, or I'll be eating it all.
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Didn't buy any - I live in a retirment community (or, as we prefer to say "an over 55 active adult community!" Since it is private property, we don't get trick or treaters - plus, it is a bit in the country!
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A LOT!!! Jim was suppose to take it to work but he didnt.
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We don't buy for trick-or-treaters. I got DH a smaller bag or recee cups yesterday and he got a little baggie at work yesterday, so whatever is left of that. Really it's not too much. I must go to Walmart and rectify that situation. I like to get stuff that's good in the freezer so it's around for that rainy day. But then with DH that doesnt always work because he likes candy and he likes candy frozen. What am I going to do with him once we have kids!?!
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I have sooo much left. Almost as much as I bought. Last night I had a total of 8 trick-or-treaters.
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I don't have any because I never bought any.

Does anyone want to share?
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I did not buy any cause we never get trick or treaters (we live in the country) and we take the kids to a fall festival anyway. The kids have some candy from that. At least we are not over loaded and tempted with it.
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Lots and the kids brought lots home, ooohhh this is bad I LOVE CANDY
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We only got about a dozen kids. We had bought one small bag (last year didnt' have many kids) and had eaten some of it, but its still plenty in there for us
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Why are so many women here afraid to eat candy? Its just candy lol, im so sick of women trying to "watch their figure". I wish people would just enjoy life, and enjoy candy! It seems mean to not buy candy and pass it out to the kids just because you dont want to eat any.
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I bought one bag at the grocery store yesterday for Neil & I to enjoy and we made a good dent in it!!
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All of it!! It's not even the good kind either!!
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None. I ate it all myself.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
None. I ate it all myself.
If somebody doesn't take it away, I'll be saying the same thing
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None to give out (since we didn't buy much)

And a bunch that my daughter got trick-or-treating. Since she is only 3, we have only let her have 2 pcs so far.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post
None, we never bought any.
We will later today though after it all gets marked down
That's what I'm going to do.
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We don't usually buy candy for trick-or-treaters because I take our kids to Grandma's on Halloween and we trick-or-treat over there. DH always has to work on Halloween, so there's no one home to pass out candy. My kids have plenty left though! (And they're usually willing to share. )
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We didnt buy any since we live in an apartment complex. But the people at work had a bunch leftover and they brought it in. There were Hershey's bars, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Almond Joys, and yummy gummy body parts. I had so much candy today, it was horrible for my diet.
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Bunches. Want some?
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2 bags and half a bowl's worth

I took the 2 bags into work to see if that helps, but everyone else brought in their bags too!
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