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Tick Repellant??

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I know Frontline kills ticks once they bite, but is there anything that works as an actual repellant, to keep the ticks from even biting the cat?
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Short of nasty and possibly dangerous sprays, I don't believe there's anything you can do.

Cat's usually don't get ticks though, unless they're in an area that is infested with them. Do you have dogs too? Maybe some sort of treatment on the yard and cleaning out any brush that the ticks could hide and climb up on would really help. Also if your cat(s) or even you are out in a wooded area you're more likely to pick them up.
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I don't currently have a problem, Riley doesn't go outdoors and I have no dogs. However, at christmas, I'm visiting my family in Oklahoma and Riley is going with me. They are in a very rural area. I know it will be winter time, but it was early december last year when my Alley contracted cytauxzoonosis and had to be put to sleep. She did go outside, but she was frontlined regularly. It didnt help.

Even though Riley will be in the bedroom and it will be winter, I'm still paranoid about having him there and would like something to put on him, if possible.
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How odd, it's usually cold enough that we don't have problems with ticks in the winter. I've certainly never seen them on animals or myself, not even in the warmer winters but then again I live in a more open area -no forests.

If your cat is staying inside then there shouldn't be a problem. Stomp your shoes before going in and dust off your pant legs. Remove any outer clothing, such as hats, shoes, and coats in an outer room (screened porch, utility, mud room), and don't run around in heavily wooded areas yourself.
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Deflea also works for ticks
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Just keep her inside.

We go back to visit family in Oklahoma several times a year, both in the City and rural areas. Cats stay inside and the dogs are limited to certain areas. We've never had any problems, even when we've lived there.
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