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What exactly would be considered a low temperature in a cat? Online I have found two different opinions for what is normal. One website said that a cat's temperature should be 100.5 to 102.5 and another site said that a cat's temperature should be 101.5 to 102.5.

I ask because my cat Lola has been reading anywhere from 99.1 to 100.5. She was rushed to the Vet several weeks ago with a temperature of 107.7 and with many different vet visits to many different vets it was finally determined that she was suffering from a severe allergy to Tresaderm. She was horribly ill and close to death on several occaisons. However, she has been doing a lot better in the last 7 days. The only thing is that now when I take her temperature it seems like it's almost too low. I was told by a vetinary specialist not to worry unless it goes below 99, but know one has been able to explain to me my why it would be so low now. On websites they make it sound like a low temperatures in a cat is a very bad sign and that they are close to death. However, she has been eating and acting healthier. She is not perfectly herself yet, but I'm hoping that is just because of all she has been through recently and she will slowly get back to normal.

However, I'm still scared to sit back and relax and believe she is on the road to recovery. On two seperate occaisions over the last few weeks I was told by different vets that she was going to be fine and she ended up getting worse. I guess now that she is actually starting to look better I'm still scared to trust the vetinary specialist's opinion on her temperature. Also, I'm a little nervous because originally she told me that it could be low because of an auto-immune disease and then suddenly when we recieved Lola's biopsy results and there was no evidence of an auto-immune disease she said the temperature was only low because of stress from the allergic reaction.