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Daily Thread Thurs Nov 1st!

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Good Morning cat peeps

Happy Thursday...almost Friday, just hang in there for one more day, you can do it!

Its November now, you know what that means....

well nothing really, except that the cold weather is around the corner and I am not happy about it

I hope you all have a good day! And I hope you had a good Halloween!
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Morning! It's a chilly day here, but i love this autumn weather
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Chilly here too!!
I can't believe it's actually November...
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It's hot here
I wish it was winter again, I thought moving to live on top of a mountain would help to cool things down a bit. It didn't work!
Hope you all had a great first day of the month!
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Yay November! Maybe I can turn my a/c off soon
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Happy November Everyone!

We just had our last warm day this week & the meteorologist says he sees snow in the near future
Time to get out that bulky winter gear! At least we will get to play in the snow!

Have a great day!
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Well, I'm not complaining about the great fall we've had so far! It's hard to imagine it snowing though.
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Morning everyone.

I'm expecting snow soon too. I'm actually really surprised we don't have any already. The last couple of years we have had lots of snow around this time. Now I have to go dig the shovel out of the shed and find my winter gear. But I guess you can't have a true Canadian winter without snow.
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I though the UP got a bit of flurries yesterday????

Sunny but cooler day. Still no hard freeze of plants so I still have stuff blooming-its unreal!

Good for my business as I usually only work a couple of day in November planting up winter containers but will have a bit extra work.

Painted more in basement-the end is near!! But its giving me a bit of a sore elbow.
Printed out my customer invoices for October but I forgot to buy stamps(grrr)

Anyhow leftovers for dinner tonite.
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Just send CA, NV, GA, NC, SC and FL more rain! Snow would be good in the Sierra Nevadas in CA and NV!
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