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Outdoor Cat Moved Indoors

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I just moved my 16 year old outdoor cat from CA to NYC. In CA he was strictly an outdoor cat that came inside occasionally. He enjoyed a wide outdoor territory in the coastal hills, numerous times I found him sunning himself two miles from home when I would go on hikes. He enjoyed his rare indoor time but would often cry to be let outside. He was really happy here in NYC for the first few weeks, didn't seem to miss the outdoors and didn't cry at all. Now, my boyfriend and I haven't slept for over a week! Starting at 10pm until 6am he loudly cries and roams around looking for a way out. Then, he contentedly sleeps all day!! We have no idea where to start in helping him work through this adjustment. Any suggestions from those that have been through it would be appreciated. Also, if this is something that is known to pass, any idea on how long it usually takes?

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My first question is, is this cat neutered?

The time frame you speak about is when the cat's prey instinct is engaged. For a cat who is used to being outside, this is the time they hunt for rodents and other small critters. He is going on instinct, he is not trying to annoy you.

I would start playing with him heavily at night before you go to bed, get a toy and tie a string to it and just drag it all around the house, through the room, up on shelves, everywhere you can think of.

Also feed him a nice big bowl of wet food right before you turn your lights off for the night.

Buy a cat condo, make sure it is a tall one and secure it somewhere in the house so he can't knock it over. Put his favorite toys on the upper level of this post so he has to climb up to get them. Since he is an outside kitty go for a natural wood condo, or one wrapped with rope.
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There's a few things that I know you can try right now. First would be to get some Dr. Bachs Rescue remedy and keep it in his water. After a short period of time, it will make him a little less anxious. I would try getting in a good play session before you get into bed. Get him to chase a feather or a lazer light. You can try getting him one of those cat sitter videos or DVD's to play for him in the evening. You can get one of those mats that attach to the window, or they make little boxes that fit like a window air conditioner for him to sit in. If it's possible where you are, you can also build or buy a small outdoor enclosure for him to be outside and still be safe
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Thanks for the advice. Yes, he is fixed. As far as toys, he has NO interest. I guess he is used to the real thing. We will try harder though!! We will try the big bowl of wet food idea too. Aside from trying to tire him out, are there behavior modification options? I'm not interested in disciplining him because I understand that this is not such a problem. I'm interested in finding out about methods to calm him from the crying once he has started?
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As Sandie said, buying a cat hammock and mounting it by a window is good. Put a bird feeder outside so he can watch. You can also get a fish tank (if that appeals to you and you can afford it) My cats love our fish tank and we have the top sealed well and the whole thing mounted so it won't topple over if they decide to jump on it.

You might also think about getting him a playmate, but then you have to worry about two of them keeping you up at night. =)
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Have you considered the possibility that there may be a health problem? 16 is not so young, and an age-related problem like beginning kidney failure could easily flare up due to the stress of moving. I'd recommend some comprehensive blood tests if you haven't done that. I have a rescued cat who used to live wild and is now mostly inside. He can be a real trial at 4 AM or so, asking to go out, and I've taught him that "shhhh!" means to be quiet. Unfortunately, the best way to teach this lesson is to also reward quiet behavior, which means that getting up and cuddling when he's good is a part of the training. Good luck!
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