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I had help with the Trick or Treaters

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Mojo is such a curious little beast! Every time the kids came to the door, she wanted to see. One of the first times, I opened the door with the screen door still closed, she was standing up looking at the kids when they yelled Trick or Treat. I figured she would freak - nope, not Mojo! She wanted to see more! Maybe it was because the little girl was dressed up as a kitty.

Finally we decided that it was Earl's job to keep her occupied while I handed out the candy. Da Bird was very helpful tonight.
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That's so funny! I bet it was cute to see her looking at the kids. Mine would have all been scrambling down the hall to hide!
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hehe, funny how some cat are.
Eazy is who is there?, runs to the door or sounds, how heyu goes into hiding.
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If we had HAD any kids , ours would have been in hiding.
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We had a system for keeping Stanley away from the door. DH put him in the kitty cube city and by the time he found his way out, I was down the stairs giving out the candy

Bella, being more generally cat-like than Stan, just ran into the kitchen everytime the door bell rang.
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Mine usually run but they surpirsed me last night, although we did not get many trick or treaters, when we did, they all stood in the hallway peeping around the corner looking at the door
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It's really funny how differently every kitty reacts.

Trent and Ginger really didn't care one way or another. Mojo was right in the middle of everything. Ophelia stayed in her safe place upstairs where no outside person can see her.

Pam, I would have loved seeing your crew peeking around the corner. How cute!
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Halloween is a funny time for us. Normally, Much runs and hides when the doorbell rings. But on Halloween, it doesn't phase her. Maybe the first time, but after that, she decides she would rather be in her evening spot and ignore the doorbell.

Lucy and Carly just wander around, not sure what to do.
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47 View Post
If we had HAD any kids , ours would have been in hiding.
Trout would have been nowhere to be found
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Hobbes sat on the sofa, and let my friend pet him. He's not fazed by the kids nor visitors; he'll curl up on someone's lap literally keeping them there for hours.

Loki hung out in the dining room. Last year (he's a black cat), he sat on the foyer stairs, and watched the treaters! The kids remarked to DH, "Wow! I like your cat decoration on the stairs!" When he told them it was real, "Cool!!! You've got a real black cat for Halloween!!!"

One sweet little girl came dressed as a cute cat, complete with a dangling (rubber) mouse from her mouth! And, I had a weird dream last night about dead mice all over our front lawn!
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