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My Beautiful Dalmation, RIP

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I just had to share some pictures of my beautiful dalmation, Chrissy. I had her for 15 years and we had to put her to sleep my senior year of highschool. She was an awesome dog and even won me Grand Champion in 4-H!!!! She was a great dog, I miss her so much!

This is a picture of her with my little sister. Chrissy was always happy to see anyone! And she always had this look of happiness about her.

This is the day we took her to be put to sleep. As you can tell I was bawling. I felt terrible that we were going to kill my dog, but our vet told us it was the only thing we could do and she will be glad we did it (She's eating a doggie ice cream)

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Awww she's so beautiful...RIP sweet girl
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I'm so sorry for your loss. It's always hard when you have to face that decision, but you did what was best for her. What a beautiful dalmation!
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Wow what a beautiful colored Dalmation Just remember she's running free and playing with other pups in the fields at Rainbow Bridge.
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Aww Chrissy looked like such a happy dog

Love that photo of her with your little sister, its priceless! The happiness that is coming through that photo is wonderful The 2nd picture brought tears to our eyes At least she lived a happy life & she is spreading her happiness to the other pets at the Rainbow Bridge Even though its hard, thank you for sharing Chrissys story & her photos!

Rest In Peace Gorgeous Chrissy
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Thanks everyone for your comments! I almost started crying again.... I miss her so much. I just got my first dog a couple of days ago since I had Chrissy. I'm so excited to have a dog again, it's been almost 4 years!
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I've had to make the same decision for pets I've had in the past. I know exactly how you feel. You gave her a long happy life in a wonderful and loving home and now she can rest peacefully until you meet again.

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I'm sorry for your loss. It's so hard to face the fact that one day they will no longer be with us. Just seeing those pictures of her really show how much love and happiness you gave her! I'm sure she had a wonderful happy life! Thanks for being such a wonderful owner!!
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your beautiful dog. Rest in Peace Chrissy.
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what a cute little girl RIP sweetie
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Thank you. It's been a while since I've looked at pictures of my dear Chrissy. It was nice, even though it made me tear up a bit!

I still have old friends and some family ask me how she's doing. I wish they wouldn't, she would be 18 years old by now.
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She was a beautiful dog! Sounds like she lived a well loved, long happy life with you guys too!!!
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Awwww what a beautiful angel Im sure shes close by. Rest In Peace sweet baby
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She was so beautiful. I am very sorry for your loss.
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She sure was a nice Dog.
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