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How sad! We haven't had a single trick-or-treater tonight! - Page 2

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We had zero!

The Church's in the area got together this year and did an Orange (color)Festival. They had face painting, hay rides, pumpkin tossing, a few music groups, skits, and over 300 cars lined up for what is called Trunk or Treat. It took up 4 or 5 streets. It was a very big production.
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i had 4 trick or treaters, all at once to. The little boy was the cutest, he was a punk, mohawk spiked hair colored every color of the rainbow, rips in his jeans w/safety pins holding them together, and a flannel shirt on. He just stared at me with these big old eyes and held his pumpkin up for me to put candy in. I could of eatten him alive he was so damn cute. I wish we had more i love Halloween.
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They set hours for trick or treating around here. 4-7 pm.
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We had zero kids come. I blame it on the churches here, as both the Lutheran and Catholic Churches have been railing about how Halloween is a "pagan import" with no tradition in Germany. Yesterday was Reformation Day in the predominantly Lutheran states, and today (All Saints) is a holiday in the mainly Catholic states.

Our mayor, and his counterpart in the next town, apparently got sick of the complaints, and organized a lantern procession (with a police escort) through the middle of town for the younger kids, ending at town hall, where refreshments were served, and the kids got treats. The older kids got a Halloween party with live music in the neighboring town.
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This was the most bizarre Halloween ever! DH and I LOVE Hallloween, and we go all out -- it takes us an entire weekend to decorate the house! So, when it got dark outside, we waited for the kiddies to arrive (we usually get anywhere from 150 - 200 kids). And, we waited, and waited, and waited! Finally, somewhere around 8 pm a few kids came around. If I had 40 children last night, I'd be shocked.

Where were all the kiddies?????? What's up with that?
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There were a decent amount of kids out. We went through almost 5 bags of candy, but the kids (my 13 year old handed it out) was giving the kids 2+ pieces at a time.

I do think part of our problem is the churches. The church I go to had a Harvest festival last night. I help out with MOPS childcare and had to go in this morning. One of the janitors said we had over 3000 people there And we had that many, I can almost bet that the other 2 churches that are in the same area had a ton of kids too. Granted, our church backs right up to a subdivision, and there's a decent sized apartment complex across the street, but they all couldn't have come from there.

And I guess that's not a bad thing. The church celebrations aren't scary at all, which is good for the smaller kids. I saw a couple of houses on our street that had gore that I just didn't think was acceptable. And the houses where someone runs out and scares you- well that's going to turn a lot of smaller kids parents off, and I saw an awful lot of babies-preschoolers out last night.
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we only had a few, but most our town has a big family event, the local campground, get lined with lite jackolanterns,and hugh decorations. every campsite has a bonfire, and give their candy out there, tim hortons give free hot chocolate and cookies,most bussiness have something they give away. then we have fireworks, it is a fun event, loads of candy, and lots of cool costumes, we had a great time
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I had no Trick or Treaters again this year!
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I had about 10 trick or treaters , Which suprised me since i live in a very family orientated community just outside of the city.It was a really nice night for it too.No snow and warm out.
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