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Please Send "BE WARM AND EAT!" thoughts to Julius!!!

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It is sooooo cold here. We put Magic in a boarding facility a week and a half ago even though we really can't afford it. He got a urinary tract infection, so now he's boarding at the Vet, but we've got three other kittens outside to worry about (ranging in age from 7 - 9 months old).

Thanksgiving and Tuxedo look fat and healthy, but every time we go outside to feed the cats (we leave dry out there, take heated wet food to them twice a day, and give them warmed up cat's milk at least once a day) we don't see Julius eat. He just wants pets. I hold him as long as I can, but when I put him back down, he doesn't run over to the food to eat, eat just rubs up against our legs (making it difficult to walk!) until we slip inside. This has been going on for several days, and he's probably eating once we're inside, but there's just no way to know. And he's not fat like Thanksgiving and Tuxedo are. If we could afford it, I'd board him, but we just don't have the money.

We're still on the wait list for the no-kill shelter, but that isn't helping him stay warm!!!

Please send "be warm and EAT" thoughts to Juli! With a high of twelve degrees here today, and lows each night for the past few nights BELOW ZERO, he MUST eat to replace those calories he's burning trying to stay warm!

Here's my orange (ginger really) Julius:
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Positive warmth and food thoughts coming at Julius.
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Ahhhhh Mate!

You are doing such a great job!!!!!!!

Julius is just gorgeous! He just loves you so much! It's his way of saying thank you I'm sure! He must be eating and also with that beautiful coat he is keeping warm! There will be plenty of other fur blankets around with him for a bit of insulation! I just want to pick him up and snuggle! I am so in awe of what you are doing for them all! You are their
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Prayers and warm thoughts going up for Julius! I am sure he is eating when you go back inside, and I am sure he will be okay!!! He probably has a nice warm spot to sleep in at night, I know my outdoor cats head for the hay in the barns come nightfall. I will keep positive thoughts going for him!!! Keep us posted on how he is doing, and he is very beautiful too!!!!
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Poor cold Fuzzies! Sending warm angels and prayers thier way!
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Aww that furbaby is gorgeous! Sending eat and be warm thoughts and prayers to him!

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Sending postive thoughts toward you and Julius!!!

P.S. A high of only 12 degrees is terrible!!! I don't think spring can come soon enough!!!!
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Is there anything that you can give him to eat that he truely loves?? Or feed him separately from the others just so you can make sure he is eating?

Sending the warmest most positive eating thoughts straight out to you!!

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I am sending my warm and positive thoughts over to Julius!

Here we have a high of 14 degrees! We have record breaking warmth today! The last time it was warm in the Winter was in 1941 and it was only a high of 11 degrees!
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Sending Juli tons of positive energy, keep warm and you really need to eat, Sweetie! I just can't believe he hasn't found a purrfect home yet, as loving as he is, and so handsome.
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Sending warm vibes from here in Ohio. Although it's cold (-4 last night), my radiator is broken on and I have LOTS of heat to share. Also, sending many "eat up" thoughts to Julius as well.

Christy and Ivo
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Lots of warm and positive wishes coming Julius' way from here too.
What a gorgeous boy he is!
I hope you find a furever home for him soon (and all the others too).
You are their guardian angels and I admire you and Gary very much for what you do.
I'm sure he is managing to eat and keep himself warm but was going to ask the same question someone else there any way for you to feed him separate from the others? This may not be a viable option as I'm not sure what you have set up for the kitties there.
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Sending many warm thoughts to Juli and hoping he eats!
You are such an angel for caring so much about these kitties.
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Thank you so, so much for all your WARM thoughts!!!!!! We take out far more food (warm wet food - we have a dry food feeder to feed all the ferals around here) than the three of them can eat, so there really isn't a need to feed him separately - we do take out separate bowls for them all.

BTW - we had a new black cat neither of us had seen turn up last night! (He was so funny looking with a really round head). Guess we've got to get the trap back from the Vet (they needed it last week so we brought it back to them).

It got down to 12 below here last night. This morning he wanted pets first - but I only held him for a few minutes, then set him down next to one of the bowls of warm food, and petted his back - and he started eating! He MUST be eating or he wouldn't be doing as well as he is - it's just been so bitterly cold with so much wind we've been so, so worried.

I took warm cat milk out around noon, and he went straight for it. I'm so, so thankful. It's gotten up to a whopping 16 degrees today - almost a heat wave! At least the sun is out. Finally.

Debby - they do have warm shelters. We used the large sized covered litterboxes and wrapped them in thick insulation and covered them in plastic. We built out a little lip over them, and hung the plastic down so there's like a door flap. We wrapped heat tape (like an extension cord with an electric current - the stuff you wrap your pipes with to keep them just above freezing) under the insulation, and coiled the heat tape inside. Then we put in those blankets specially designed to retain body heat (we're not worried about fleas and ticks this time of year, and we managed to keep them flea and tick free all summer and fall) in there. We put the shelters well under the picnic table, and used that thick stiff (pink) insulation to "box" in the picnic table. So the shelters should be warm, and they are really well protected from rain, snow and wind. We were worried they wouldn't use the shelters because we didn't use hay or something - but they've all moved in there. It was so gratifying that first snow to see their little prints going back and forth from the picnic table to under the RV! We knew SOMETHING was living in those boxes, we just weren't 100% sure it was "our" cats. But it was, and what a relief. (And we see them coming out of there all the time now. It's so cute - they hear the door I guess, and come lazily out, stretch and yawn - they MUST be fairly comfortable in there!)

What amazing animals they are. I still can't believe that they're surviving literally sub-zero weather for extended periods of time. I'm so, so thankful.

Thank you all again so much. I don't know what we'd do if anything happened to them! I don't know if we'd be able to forgive ourselves. Knock wood and Thank God - it hasn't come to that.

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Warm thoughts to Julius and the others!
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I'm so glad they're keeping warm in their housing development. I'm picturing them coming out of the apartments stretching and yawning. What a pleasant thought. I wouldn't be surprised if a couple weren't cuddling in together. It's much more comfortable that way. A bit of oil might be helpful, and if someone gets thin looking, some Nutrical. Put those pennies in your piggy bank. Of course, if you buy a farm and fill one barn, you'll just have to buy a bigger farm....
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I'm glad they're staying warm. Your shelters sound like a row of little kitty condos, the cats are lucky to have you there to help them. Our temps in PA are supposed to go up next week, into the high 30s. Do you expect an even greater "heat wave", too?
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Sorry I'm a bit late on this, but I am always wishing the best for your babies! Prayers & best of thoughts for this special one!
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Their kitty houses sound very warm!!!! How is Julius doing? I was glad to hear you saw him eating!
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I am so happy he ate! Hopefully there will be a warming trend soon! His house actually sounds warmer then mine! LOL
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We're having a regular heat wave around here! It was 42 degrees yesterday, and SUNNY! Finally, a break! It only went down to 20 degrees last night, and although it's not sunny today, it's 32 degrees on the button.

The cats were out all day yesterday - it was enough to melt some of this snow down to the ground! Boy that must have felt good for them - DIRT and GRASS!

...and Jeanie, you're right! ALthough they've all been spayed/neutered, Thanksgiving and Tuxedo seem kind of sweet on each other! (And they're even from different litters!) :tounge2:
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Isn't it cute when they pile on top of each other? And then, at night, the inside cats pile on top of the " big cat," you! When there's a litter of kittens you can't tell how many there are at a glance! It's just one little mound of kittens!
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Believe it or not, I actually have a picture of a "cat" pile-up! I took it through the living room window....there were 3 of them. all in a ball and as soon as I figure out this new website linking picture posting thing, I will post it!
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Deb, if you send it to me, I can post it for you.

Laurie, that housing unit sounds wonderful! Your cats are truly spoiled! Good for you for having such a large heart!

Great to hear that Julius is eating! But I thought adult cats were generally lactose intolerant...?
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Now, if we could only get those kitties to pay rent and maintain their own condos--- Oh, I got a gift the other morning. I'm near-sighted, so when I awakened to see something gray on the rug, I reached for it without thinking! It was a mole! I guess that was supposed to be my breakfast! You know, that's why we get those gifts, so we really should thank our kitties, but...I saw Precious staring under the dishwasher a couple of days ago, so I guess that mole was more near-sighted than I am.

Anyway, that won't buy the farm, will it? Well, now, about charging rent for those condos. That would be room and board, so.....well, you two are the money experts!

Seriously, I thank God for you and Gary and your kindness to God's little creatures.
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I am so glad to hear the kitties are doing well!!!

Tamme, thanks for your kind offer! I will have to get the picture on my computer first, I haven't even had time to do that! When I get more time I may take you up on that! Thanks!!!
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No problem!
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How are the outside critters doing these days? I hope no new ones have shown up recently?
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Actually, yes. A new black one. With a really round funny looking head! Got the trap back from the Vet the other day, but haven't caught him yet.

We had a REAL heat wave today - it was 52 degrees!

And Tamme - we feed them Whiska's Cat Milk - it has no lactose and is fortified with Taurine.

Jeanie - they'll try to pay us with dead birds, and I don't think that'll buy much!!!

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