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The Candy Curse

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So today pretty much hyped me up that there would be a lot of kids tonight. First we have several kids in the neighborhood. Second most people that I work with that have children left a little early from work to take their children trick or treating.

Plus I tried to pick up some bags at lunch and the stores by where I work were all sold out!!!

I got home just in time to open the first bag of candy for one girl at about 5:30pm.

Then B dove into the candy and I took a few pieces.

At 7:30 pm I got 3 more little boys, who basically told me they were the last. So I gave them some good handfuls. It's just after 9 and I haven't gotten anyone else.

B was telling me that there had been several people ringing the door between 3:30 and 5:30. He didn't answer since he didn't have candy.

Oh well...more for me and B
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Aw! I was at Walmart today and they were loaded with candy. I even got DH a bag of recees. I am very tempted to go back tomorrow when it's all on sale. This is where I may find the silver lining to being sick....
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Eh, no such thing as too much leftover candy
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You can give some candy to me!!
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Holy moly! We were overrun with kids tonight! I bought 4 bags of candy and have a little less then a bowl full left. I told DH I thought he'd have to go and get more candy because I was going to run out, but we didn't. They were coming from everywhere! I couldn't believe it. I haven't seen that many kids in a long time, it was fun though.
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B does not need the candy anymore then i do
hide it and take to the office with you hehe
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