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Ripoff merchant! (long moving rant)

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And so the saga continues. We got a second quote from our first company which was $400 more than their first quote because we're moving in January! They waited a couple of weeks to change their mind and tell us. We moved with them last year, but we moved near the end of June. For some reason that makes a difference. So i found a new company, the quote was simple, it did change a bit but not much. For a 10 tonne truck with 3 men, it is just 1/2 of the other companies quote. They can take another hour or so over that as they quoted us a bit higher before figuring out it will only take 4 hours. When told about the other companies thing on the moving date, they said 'what has the month got to do with it?'.

Apparently everything that allows us to move has been sorted. So we are definately moving 11 weeks 4 days from now!

The only thing left to sort is finding a new internet provider. Our current one want to charge us lots to disconnect, and we only have 4 months left of our 24 month contract and once we move the bundle we have with the landline/internet/dads mobile wont be available to us anymore. Gits.

Once we get there we will still have to figure out where all the shed stuff goes. Atm we have a HUUUGE brick garage with lots of stuff in it, and the next house only has a little shed. But we'll have 4 bedrooms so hopefully that might be storage for a while. Then we have to sort out travel because we're further out. Charlie's enclosure it going to be revamped because it's bugging me and he needs more room (plus it's going to be hard to carry an impatient cat up narrow steps (the front of the yard is level with the roof as it goes up on a slop from retaining walls) so we've got to make some sort of tunnel from the house so he can get in and out.

Omg...WAY too much!!

Sorry for all the ranting!!

Last time seemed so much easier

/rant over
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Lots of stuff involved with moving!!
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At least you get 11 weeks...I only had 2!!!! that was not fun

Just take it one day at a time. I definitely would not trust that first mover since they changed the quote for 4 weeks. January is just as cold as December to move in I would have thought the price would be lower for January personally.
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I hope all goes well.

We have everything lined up but a place to move to. Finding a decent place that takes cats isn't easy.
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be sure to check out whatever mover you choose with the BBB or ask for references. I have heard of too many stories and know someone who was quoted one price to move their stuff only to have it held for ransom b/c the moving company had all the stuff and could hold onto the items till the customer paid up extra money that was above and beyond the original quote
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no moving company is giving me a decent quote yet, and i only have 30 boxes to transport to Australia.

Silly moving companies
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