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hello all u cat lovers

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I am new to this site. Although my handle is Lakeriedog, I am a long time cat lover and currently have five felines in the family. I've made a home for one or more cats for most of my adult life, only one dog (who spent thirteen years with us).

Trixie, is fifteen years old and the matriarch. Then there is fourteen year old Sonny, who my husband rescued from the Sewer District (where he works) on the day of the Loma Prieta Earthquake...he was about four weeks old and near death at the time. The vet actually offered to put him down when he first laid eyes on him. Sonny required quite a bit of care during his first few weeks, but recovered quite nicely (he is my baby). Argyle and Sister are one year old siblings who we adopted from our irresponsible neighbors across the street. Their mother's humans allowed her to have a litter, and then put them out in the street to fend for themselves. Their mommy taught them to eat from our indoor/outdoor dishes. She still visits for dinner. Then last but not least, Tiny No-No Baby the Spastic Princess, she is four months old and is another rescue from the Sewer District. Hubby found her hiding in an old discarded tire, three months ago. She is a solid black, holy terror, hell on wheels. I thought that I knew just about everything that I needed to know about cats and kittens until I met her!

Thats why I am here, I need info on finicky eating habits. She transitioned from the KMR to a Science Diet prescription wet food that was very soft, we had a heck of a time getting her to switch to regular kitten food, she barely touches the dry kitten food, and rejects 80% of the wet kitten foods we offer her. Any suggestions?
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Welcome to the site! I split your post into a new thread so everyone can give you a proper welcome. Sounds like you have your hands full with a lovely furr-family.

I don't have any suggestions for your little one. Probably the best thing would be for you to start a new thread in Health and Nutrition where our experts can give you some advice and things to try. (At the top of the forum, hit the "Post New Thread" button and ask away. )

I look forward to getting to know you and all of your furries.
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Glad to meet you and you lovely Furfamily! I hope you come to love this place as much as we all do! How wonderful you and your husband are for rescuing this kitties! They are very lucky indeed!

A word of warning though This site is very addictive! :tounge2:
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Welcome to The Cat Site! You are going to have so much fun here!
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Hello and Welcome!!
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Argyle and Sister
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Our kitten wouldn't eat dry food at first - we mixed a small amount with his wet food each day, and eventually he started eating the dry food. And when his adult teeth started growing, he got really enthusiastic about the dry food - now he free feeds on dry food and we're starting to reduce the amount of wet food gradually.

Good luck!

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Hiya - welcome. Argyle and Sister are beautiful kitties - I'd love to see piccies of the others.

I'm sure many will jump in with advice on your feeding question - in the meantime, great to have you here.
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Very Very Cute!!!
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Sorry it's taken me so long to get the rest of the family posted...I'm still learning to do the photo editor thing. Presenting Tiny No-NO Baby the Spastic Princess (helping to redecorate).
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Here is Trixie with Little Sister in background. Trixie is the oldest member of our feline family, doing what she loves most.
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Sonny on his favorite chair...the lazy boy.
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What a beautiful feline family you have! Thanks for sharing them with us!
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