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lol so i felt gulity today.

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i had to lock the cats out of the bed room. Sure i play with them when i get home from work,,

But eazy kept waking me up today with bringing toy to bed, First he did the whole pet the human thing with his paw to wake me, then once i was awake, he picked up one of his fluffy ball thing, and dropped right on my face. throw it, sure enough he brings it back, we do this for a few min.

back to sleep

then he wakes me up with a cat nip mouse wanting to play fetch again

i love that he plays fetch, but come one, its 2pm( that is the same as 2 am for you normal people) so i give him a hug, carry him over to the chair in the computer room and lay him down there. turn the fan on high, and went back to bed.

bad cat leave me alone at night or day, oh whatever.
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That's cute!

Maggie used to bring her toys up on the bed at night to play with them. I'd wake up, grab the toy, stuff it under my pillow and go back to sleep. A few minutes later, here she comes with another toy! I'd sit up, grap the toy, stuff it under my pillow and lay back down. Sure enough....here she comes with another toy. Some mornings I'd wake up with 6 or 7 toys under my pillow!!!
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But Eazy looooves you!!!!!
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Ugh, sounds like Trout this morning. She hates it when I sleep in..she makes darn sure that I don't get to sleep past 8am
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My cats won't let me sleep past 7 am!!
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Aww Bruce Eazy just wants to play Do they bang on the door when you lock them out...My cats refuse to let any door be closed in the house
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with the fan turned up on high, i cant hear them.
but yea both eazy and heyu throw a fit when i lock them out of the bed room.
i almost tripped over them when i got up they where both sleeping agnaist the door .

lol oh and hiding toys under the pillow wont with eazy he just crawles under the pillow to get them, i think he is part mole rat.
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How did you manage that without him CRYING?!

Everytime we lock a cat out of a room, holy cow I can't sleep! Its better just for them to attack my feet or bat a fake mouse around on the bed.
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Aww poor Eazy- he just wanted to play! Jasmine and Kojak are the ones who enjoy waking me up in the mornings. Fosters is worse than any kitty dare be though- our Aussie is ALWAYS all over us when he sleeps at night- then when my alarm goes off in the mornings, he lays one me and will give me kisses till i wake up and pet him. By the time i wake up- i roll over to see Jasmine on the other side of me and Kojak at the foot of the bed- give them 2 minutes and they'll be begging for food Gotta love mornings!
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