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adding pictures

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Not sure what is going on, but when I click on the yellow icon that looks like it has a mountain on it, a popup comes on my screen and I cannot upload any pics. Have I missed something? I haven't been around a lot lately...is this new?
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To add pictures, you must have the picture hosted on the internet. Not on your home computer. I use photobucket to host (as it is free). Once you upload to photobucket, click on the [img] code under the photo you want to display in your post, and then paste it into your post and then you are good to go. No need to use the insert image button if you do not want to.

hope this helps
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There is a problem with the IMG button on TCS that has been reported previously.

As conbrio said, you can just use the IMG code line and paste it into the box if you host pictures on photobucket, or just type [img]*link here*[/img] without the stars
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