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Raven stories...

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I am new here. I thought I would share some stories. I have had Raven for 3 weeks now and she is 12 weeks old. My husband brought her home to me as a surprise after something heartbreaking that I had just been through.

Anyway, Raven has brought smiles back to me!
The first day she was here we kept her in the bathroom where her litterbox is so she could get used to the place in peace (we have 3 young kids).
I went in there to take a shower. I set my clothes on top of the toilet, she tried to jump up there, my clothes fell on top of her. She crawled out from under them but my panties were stuck on her, she started leaping around the bathroom in my giant yellow grandma panties! I have not laughed that hard in a long time.

She hides, oh so obviously, in the hallway, in wait for me. Then when I walk down the hallway she leaps out at me, usually high in the air.

She quickly learned which side of the bed I sleep on and usually sleeps with her butt to my face.

Her favorite kid is my youngest (who will be 1 in 1 week). When the other two are off to bed I will be rocking him in the quiet with his bedtime bottle. Raven likes to come crawl in his lap at that time and purr. He thinks this is hilarious and then will not go to sleep.

I love her!
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She sure sounds like a sweetie!!
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Welcome to The Cat Site!! Raven sounds like a sweetie!!
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Hi! Nice to meet you! Raven sounds adorable!
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