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Six years ago today....

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.....I nabbed Annabelle out of the middle of a busy street.
She was a semi-feral who lived behind my friends tanning salon.
That day was the first and last time she ever ventured out to the front of the building.

I heard brakes and horns, went outside and looked up the block.
There she was in the middle of the road with cars swereving around her.
She was to scared to run, she was just standing there.
I grabbed the carrier and walked out into the middle of that street and for the first time in all the time we'd been feeding her, she ran to me.
I put her in the carrier and she's been her ever since....and full of "toritude"

We don't know exactly how old she is or when her Birthday is so since her new life started on Oct. 31st that's now her Birthday to us.
The Vet guessed she was about 2 then, so HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY, Annabelle.

I'll never know what made you run into my arms that day, but I'm so glad that you did
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Awww, I'm so glad Annabelle decided to run into your arms that day.
Smart girl! Have a wonderful birthday, sweetie!
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I'm glad you saved her life! Tiger was a stray too. He's brought so much joy and happiness into my life.
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Awwww that's so wonderful Happy Birthday Annabelle
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Happy Birthday Annabelle!!!
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Annabelle says thank you to everyone.

As for her running into my arms that day...the funny thing is, it was over 5 years before she'd allow me to pick her up again...that is without a fight.
I have the teeth and claw scars to prove it
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Happy Birthday Annabelle!
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