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I'm not sure about stereotypes but as you can see - I belong to one orange tabby by the name of Hugo. He is about one year old and though slightly high strung but a true lovebug. He sleeps with me and occasionally kicks me out of bed. However,  I do have to say that prior to neutering, he was known as Freddie Kruegar for mauling my hands.


It's hard to think of my home without him these days.





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I agree with the "tortie" attitude!!!  My mother-in-law LOVES her kitties to pieces, but the one Calico Rose that she used to have was a not-so-nice cat ~ and that was what my mother-in-law used to say about her!!!!  My orange & white boy that my sons brought home a few months ago was an outside cat at some point (I think about a month) and we adopted him when he was around 5 months old ~ he's been very shy and jumps at every sound or movement!!!  He is the sweetest little guy EVER!!!  When he first came home to us, he wouldn't come out from under the furniture, but you could hear him purring like you would not believe from under there!!!  lol

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I was told that once you own a orange cat they are addictive. It depends on what breed the orange cat is. Is it a Maine Coon or an American Shorthair?
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The super sweet, male, orange tabby theory is proving true for me again! We took in another adult stray and he is extra lovey and cuddly. Even though we haven't gotten him in for a neuter yet, he is super mellow and adjusted to being an indoor Kitty of Leisure in no time.
Leo the Dude spends his days napping in various spots around the house and his evenings napping on either my lap or my husband's lap. He is really mellow, lol! In between naps, he likes kisses on his head, snacks, being brushed, being complimented, ear rubs, and giving head butts. I am in love with this little guy.
Our other orange male tabby, Sammy the Dude (my avatar pic), passed away last winter and it feels like Leo is a little bit of Sammy reincarnated. I have no doubt that he was meant to be with us.

Leo lounging on the back of the recliner.
I haven't managed any good, crisp photos of him yet. He doesn't like the big old iPad in his face and scrunches his eyes up every time. Or he'll give the one-eyed pirate wink and look either grumpy or drunk! laughing02.gif His nose has the cutest black speckles on it. hearthrob.gif
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I have had my orange tabby(male) since he was a kitten- he is 12 at this point.


He is without a doubt the sweetest cat I have ever seen. He defies virtually every stereotype about cats(that they're aloof, not affectionate, etc)


He LOVES attention, follows me everywhere, and sleeps beside me every night, usually with his head on the pillow beside mine.


I looked at a LOT of cats before adopting him. There were some I liked, but I fell in love with him at first sight.


Honestly, I can't even imagine owning any other breed.


Even people who tell me they don't like cats are usually down on the floor playing with him the second they meet him.

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My Charlie is vary sweet and loving. He loves people and his doggie sissters. He is blind and still fearless and confident.

Note: sorry for spelling errors I'm on my phone.

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Looks like I am very late to the party..I just now came across this thread!

I will add my 2 cents here,anyway,and tell you all a long story..

I have 2 orange tabbies,Rico "the Dude",and Curious George.

Both these guys were feral cats from a large feral population in my neighborhood.

Personally,I have always been a dog owner,a "dog person",and my wife was the "cat person".

There have always been cats in the house,but I never "bonded" with any of them..they were nice,I liked them,but..well..I had my dogs.


Feral cats began showing up on our deck,and  I became used to feeding the poor things,but I was really not having any luck getting any of them inside ( I just didnt know what I was doing at the time).

Long story short..I had 2 dogs,and first one passed away,then my best buddy,Mojo passed away..It was a very,very bad time for me..not only had i lost my dog,I had also lost my job!

At this time,there was a entire litter of feral kittens coming and going on our deck,3 blacks,and 2 oranges.

None of the kittens would ever let me get near,or catch them,but I looked forward to seeing them.

At my very lowest point,missing my dogs,depressed,and stressed of the little orange kittens walked right in the door one day,while I was putting out food!

That was my buddy,Curious George!

The little guy huddled under the kitchen table,and the big,burly human male crawled under the table,amazed,and smitten!

After only a short time,I was able to creep up,and touch the little orange,and then pet him!

I named him Curious George on the spot.

He was a wild kitten,and took over the house in short order-we had other cats,and they all let me know that George was the boss..I have never seen such cat behavior..the other cats would "bow",lowering their heads to George,and he would give them a lick on the head,and then walk away!

George was my pal from day one..a loving,purring,wonderful cat..he means the world to me!

The other kittens,i could not coax,or trap..they were too smart for me,but I had George.

The other kittens left the protection of our deck,and one by one,they never came back.

Months later,Georges orange Brother came back onto our deck..sick,bony,and who knows what he had gone through?

I need to mention that George sat by the window day in,and day out,talking,looking for his litter-mates.

We got Georges brother inside,and he was Named Rico by the kids..he got healthy,but has never been tamed..he cant be touched,or petted,but I think he is happy,and will never trust humans,because of whatever he went through when he was on his own.

Rico is cool...he is "the Dude"..mellow,very good with the other cats,and I think he is a sweet cat,that has a zen-like presence,and a look that says to me "Yeah,i been there,done that...Im cool..".

I have had both boys for 6 years now,along with other rescue cats,but Curious George is the most intelligent,sweetest cat I have ever seen..he always makes me smile,he is always there,he sleeps in our bed,and is,I confess,my favorite..


Do yourself a favor,and get an orange!

You wont be sorry!

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@Vallhalla, What a wonderful story! I miss my guy every day!
We'd love to see some pictures. 😊
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Originally Posted by Sadie Rose View Post

I don't know.  We love our orange girl to death and it is obvious that she loves us (follows us, watches us, check on us and rarely even come to bed with us).  But she does not like to be cuddled.  She would tolerate, perhaps 30 seconds and then get away or start pretending to bite and scratch.  If we still hold on she will bite.  It is such a sad thing for us as we do not have children and Sadie is our first pet. 

I have a red tabby adult cat that is around 3 years old. He does not like to be held. He prefers to sleep on top of our love seat downstairs and only comes to bed with us once in a while. He will sit next to us on the couch for pets and does laps sometimes. I think some cats are just more independent then others. He gets along great with my other cat and will hang out with guests.
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My 2 oranges! Curious George,top,and Rico "The Dude" below.

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Orange tabbies aren't associated with a specific temperament, as they aren't a breed but a color. Lots of different breeds as well as domestic longhairs and shorthairs (probably what the boy you're looking at is, since he's up for adoption and not from a breeder) can be orange tabbies and of course their personalities can be all over the place. Look at what your specific boy is like, not what any other orange tabby is like, because there's no rules.


That being said, I can't say I've ever met an orange tabby who wasn't just a big goofy sweetheart :)

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I have an orange female tabby rescued from under our house and she was pregnant. She had two flame point Siamese looking kittens (a boy and a girl) and a solid orange kitten who had long hair like mama. She had also had an older kitten about 6 months old when those were born, a Tortie kitten whom we never could catch frown.gif Of course we spayed the mama and spay/neutered the three younger kittens, but Sadly the Tortie was feral and she had a litter of 4 (or possibly 5 we later found out) and they were: a black boy with red undercoat, a Tortie girl, a Birman looking boy and an orange tabby short hair girl. The possible 5th kitten we caught later is a female black with the red undercoat. She is spayed now. The Tortie went on to have one more litter and only an orange tabby boy survived. Unfortunately the mama didn't frown.gif I miss her terribly and feel so bad we couldn't catch her in the year we tried, but she got sick and died when this baby was 7 weeks old. I am so glad we rescued him! Orange kitties are fiesty in my experience, but also very loving. Baby boy is on my chest sleeping at the moment. We found homes for 7 kittens mentioned (after they were fixedand we have the orange grandma and the black kitten now about 8 months old and the 12 week old orange kitten.
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My orange tabby cat, Winnie, is almost always sweet! I think that almost all orange tabby cats are like that.laughing02.gif
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