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do you know that: A) if you have an orange cat, it is most definitely a Tabby, there are no solid orange cats, even if she may look solid orange she is still a Tabby underneath and B) YOU HAVE A VERY RARE CAT!  Almost all Orange Tabbys are male! It is possible to have a female Orange Tabby but again they are very rare! Now you have an exceptional story to tell... and I don't have to tell you to cherish her, as I know you already do! clap.gif

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Presenting lttle red



Rufus Reilly...




The feline fly swatter

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I loved my orange boy Tiggs. Sadly, he just passed away 2 wks. ago from intestinal lymphosarcoma. He was 14 yrs old. I remember picking him out from the other crazy kittens. He was lounging without a care in the world. Well, he won me over and we were always together up until the very moment he passed away at home. He was such a snuggler and slept on my legs almost every night. Sometimes he would sleep on my back too which would always wake me up--he was a rather large boy. My husband and I miss him so much. We were blessed with such a good kitty. He was never any trouble. Playful, but never got into anything (at least not when we were home!) He did escape the house once. We thought for sure he ran away into the woods nearby. But when we walked around to the front yard he was just sitting there on the grass sniffing the air. He was so precious! We want to get 2 kittens soon and one of them HAS to be an orange snuggle-bum. 






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I had the sweetest orange baby boy named Blaze. He wasn't exactly "playful" until we got him neutered, heh. But Sable, our all black kitty, showed up as a stray (so did Blaze) and befriended him against his will, and they were best buds until Blaze died suddenly :( He was my baby. He wasn't laid back AT ALL... unless he was with me. He was a very nervous cat and was terrified of new people... the cable guy came once and scared him for 3 days O.o even though he never went near him XD


He only liked me to the point where he could relax. He wouldn't let anyone else hold him (if someone did try to hold him, if it was mom or dad he would be stiff and not comfortable, but if a new person tried he completely freaked out and ran)


Don't know if he was abused before he showed up as a stray when he was like six months old, or what happened, but I saw him in the garage, told him to come here, and he did, he was my little guy from then on...


I miss him :(


I say orange tabbies are great. Tabbies in general are great! I've had a few of them. My first cat was a tabby - very loving and playful.


I can't wait to get a new orange boy :) But right now I have a cute Siamese kitten climbing up my leg... so ^.^"

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I found an male orange tabby kitten frozen stiff 10 years ago. It cost me a small fortune but I nursed him back to health. He was an amazing cat despite having brain damage.

Now I have just adopted a female orange tabby kitten and we will find out soon enough what she will be like.
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While I have always heard that orange cats are sweet, I have had two male orange cats, both DLH and they have both been jerks, lol. Lazy? Yes. I would say most orange cats are chilled out and somewhat lazy, so maybe that is why people say they are sweet? Most the orange tabby cats I have met have been fairly easygoing but they ALL had that quirky side (sometimes not so nice personality quirks). That being said, all my cats have been strange in some way or another and they are all complete individuals :-) Good luck!

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My Tabby informed me that I would be allowed to own her. True story.

I went with my room mate to the Vet because his cat was very old and ill.

Once his cat was at peace I left the two of them alone and went to sit

in the small lobby. There were just two chairs separated by a cage

full of all kinds of kittens but - one jumped up on the post in the center

and started to "yell" at me! She was a cute female Tabby the assistant at the desk told me,

"That's Victoria". I leaned in close to her and said, "Shhh sweetie I can hear you." She

actually lowered her voice. That did it. I adopted her. When my sad friend came out

and saw me holding a kitten he actually asked, he was so surprised, "What's that?"

A sad day became a happy one as a result. Victoria is quite the talker. She will

pace across my keyboard and chat away if she wants be to stop and give her

my attention. She has to be in my lap where ever I sit. She stretches out along

side me in bed - upside down with her paws and feets curled. No one

can come over without her putting on a show. She rolls around, talks to guests,

I have never had anyone over who did not fall in love with her.

The staff at my Veterinarians office all make a fuss when she comes in.

"Oh it's Victoria!" the tell each other. Of course H.R.H. Victoria just hates

all the attention - not. They always tell me, every time, how lucky I

am to have found a female Tabby. I'm just glad Victoria found me.

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When I was 3 years old, mum and I went into a pet store to get food for our existing cats, and little baby Stetson took one look at us, climbed to the TOP of his cage, and yelled at the top of his lungs until we took him home with us. :) 


We had him until I was 20 and he was wonderful. He was dignified and a bit aloof but still sociable. I was his girl and he spent most of his time with me. He was more likely to sit near me than on me (partially because he didn't fit. He was a BIG cat). He was protective but not mean, and got along well with all the critters we adopted after him (a feral male cat, three rabbits, three guinea pigs, gerbils, fish, dogs, everything). He was a perfect babysitter for kittens and puppies... willing to play but dominant and not shy to put the babies in their place. Loved that guy.





also evident in the first picture is my mum's penchant for over feeding everything lol. "but he's hungry!" "no he isn't! He's bored!" "yes he is, he can have a little snack!". Eye roll. Skinny cats don't exist in her household :).

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Orange Cat Stories


I have an orange tabby.  I don't know how most of them are, but he is very energetic.  He is very sweet, but he was kind of a handful as a kitten, even though I had another cat a year older.  They played on a regular basis.  Fortunately the other cat who is very large was very careful not to hurt the tiny orange kitten (Garfield).  They are 8 and 9 now and are still great friends.  The orange guy is still very active and loves to hunt, when he can find anything to hunt in the yard.  He is also a great bug catcher.  A few years ago a dragon fly got under my shirt and was biting me.  I headed straight into the house and pulled off my shirt immediately, which of course released the dragon fly or whatever it was into the house.  It took my orange cat about 30 seconds to catch it and dispose of it.  He also likes to groom the cat he was raised with (Ghost), and also likes to lick me sometimes.  Ghost has always given him everything he wants from the time he was a tiny little kitten and still to this day.  He will give Garfield, the orange guy, his food, his place on the bed or whatever, so the orange guy is very spoiled.  Garfield is normally a good boy, but sometimes when he really wants something he does this loud obnoxious meow.  I had to learn to stop giving into that behavior, because giving in to it made it worse.  Now that I don't give into it, Garfield doesn't do it very often and he doesn't continue it more than a few minutes on the few occasions when he still does it.  He was an indoor-only kitty for  4 or 5 years, because it wasn't safe to let him out where I was living.  I now live in a house with a 6 foot tall cat-proofed fence.  Garfield used to find escape routes, but didn't go far.  Eventually I blocked off all of the escape routes.  Just recently a portion of the fences cat proofing was destroyed by a neighbors vine.  At some point Garfield, my orange boy, discovered that and jumped the 6 foot fence.  Now I have repaired the cat proofing, a relatively simple fix and he is confined to the yard again.  The other cat, Ghost, who has been an indoor/outdoor cat all of his life, even born outdoors to an outdoor only mother, never tries to leave the yard and comes when he is called about 99% of the time.  Garfield comes most of the time, but not always. Since the orange cat (Garfield) started going out in the yard about 3 or 4 years ago some interesting physical changes are taking place.  He used to have a very short fine coat of fur and he was a kind of creamy faded orange color.  Since he started going outside he keeps getting more and more orange as time passes and his fur keeps getting longer and thicker.  He never shed much and he still doesn't shed or get hairballs.  He is quite orange now with thicker longer fur and very beautiful.  He is also pretty hypo-allergenic.  I have slight cat allergies, but this cat can sleep right next to my face without causing allergy problems.  Garfield loves to eat and eats about twice as much as Ghost, but he doesn't get fat, because he is so active.  My vet says that orange boys are a little naughty.  I guess that is true, but these days he is only a little naughty.  He is naughty but nice.  I recently adopted a stray cat, who loves people, even small children and tolerates dogs, but was pretty aggressive with my other cats.  My larger cat (Ghost) and the former stray (Angel) seem to tolerate each other pretty well these days, but the former stray likes to stalk my orange boy as if he is prey out in the yard and the orange boy is afraid to be in the yard when he is out there.  The orange boy is no small cat, 12 pounds, but the former stray is now up to 16 pounds, heavier than my large cat even, and runs at the orange guy and knocks him over.  They co-exist in peace these days in the house although at first the former stray used to trap my poor orange guy in a corner or up on the bookcase.  Recently the orange guy came into my home office, where the former stray likes to hang out.  The orange guy puffed out his fur so much he looked much larger than normal and went under the chair and attacked my former stray tough guy.  Garfield, my orange guy seemed to be the winner, because the former stray did not want to continue the fight, but it is still the same old story outside with my orange guy getting stalked like prey and attacked and knocked over by my former stray.  The orange guy will only go in the yard when my former stray, Angel, is in the house or when it is very dark.  My orange guy seems to be able to sneak around in the dark without getting noticed by Angel.


The only other orange cat that I know much about is a cat that used to live in my neighborhood many years ago.  He was actually more red than orange. He had a home, but was friendly and got many of the neighbors including myself to feed him sometimes.  Even though he wasn't neutered, he was kind of fat from all of that food.  He was also the dominant male cat in the neighborhood.  I owned a fixed female at the time, who still went into heat, because the vet accidentally left a piece of her ovary in, when he neutered her.  I noticed that this big red/orange cat seemed to be preferred by her to mate with.  She would give him a hard time and walk away and then look behind her to make sure he was following her.  Then he would grab an opportune moment and mate with her.  He was very smart and efficient about it.  When she wasn't in heat, she liked to pick fights, just like a male cat.  When she tried to pick fights with the big orange guy he would just look at her all confused and refused to fight with her, even though he could take down any of the cats in the neighborhood.  He didn't pick fights, but he was clearly boss cat around there and there were many competitors.  He was a sweet cat. 

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I rescued an orange tabby from the APL for Christmas.  Sky is 3 years old and he picked me, rather than the other way around.  He has been nothing but a joy to me, greeting everyone at the door and he loves my grandkids.  His markings are quite unusual with a butterfly on his shoulders and a bullseye on each side. He is absolutely beautiful and I can tell that he was well taken care of.


The APL has so many animals, won't you save one just like I did?

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Look at my sweet. He is Orange. I got him from a farm as a kitten. He is super bonded to me, sleeps with me and lays on my chest. Get a ginger they are the best.
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I never realized orange tabbies are considered to have a laid back and sweet disposition. My Sammy fits that description to a tee! When he was a stray who visited us everyday for food, he allowed me to take care of his injuries with no fuss. He behaved better for procedures than my indoor girls would have!

Now that he is a permanent, indoor member of the family, all he wants to do is cuddle on laps, get brushed and be adored. He is so very sweet. He rubs his face against mine all the time and gives lots of head butts. I feel a little bad for him because he is still trying to make friends with the girls and they still aren't having it. I keep telling them that he would like nothing more than to snuggle in a kitty pile with them. He tries so hard, the poor little guy. That just means more love for me, I guess heartpump.gif

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I have an orange tabby who is 7 months old.  He is the craziest cat I have ever had.  Never a dull moment.  Fearless.  He thinks he is one of the dogs.  He grooms the dogs, sleeps with the dogs, goes out with the dogs, it's so cute!  I have made comments about him and people say its the orange, that they are unique cat-dogs.  He is very special!

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My cat Gizmo is an orange guy. My husband and I just love him so much. He is the best cat we ever had. He is smart, sweet, loving, funny etc. He loves to play fetch. When our other cats are getting annoyed with each other it seems like he steps in to calm them down. He really hates to be hissed at. When that happens he walks around and  whines for a while. He is just great.

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I can't believe I've never seen this thread, but then I saw that it started way before I was here!  

My big "ginger boy" adopted me. He is a sweet, smart, good boy!  

It's a little bit of a long story how he adopted me, but I will have to post our story soon. I finally wrote it, just has to be edited & posted, when I get the time!

He is still playful as well for being 9 or 10 yrs. old.

I love when he gets the crazies, & "gallops" around the house!  ....silly boy!


"I'm gonna get that mousy!"


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I don't know.  We love our orange girl to death and it is obvious that she loves us (follows us, watches us, check on us and rarely even come to bed with us).  But she does not like to be cuddled.  She would tolerate, perhaps 30 seconds and then get away or start pretending to bite and scratch.  If we still hold on she will bite.  It is such a sad thing for us as we do not have children and Sadie is our first pet. 

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I have an orange tabby marmalade for about 3 months now.  Rescued my Sky from the APL at 3 years old.  He is very affectionate but, when he wants to be.  He also doesn't like to be picked up and held but, he will jump on your lap when he is ready to be loved.  He comes to bed with me just to make sure I am tucked in and for a night time kiss, then he goes his own way.. He loves to run around and play at night.  This is his fun time.  Some cats like to be held constantly and frankly, that would annoy me.

 I am happy with him just the way he is.  Just enjoy the loving he lets you give him.  God bless, Mama June

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Orange tabbies generally have a sunny disposition. They make friends easily with people and are very cuddly and appreciate human attention. Classic lap cats
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Welcome to TCS Andre Cappon. :wavey:


My mother's orange tabby is sure a lap cat.  He can be timid; but when it's quiet or people he knows are around, he'll quietly climb in your lap.  As a baby he loved to be on our shoulders or he would curl up on your chest.  :nod:

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Personally, I don't think you can identify what type of personality a cat has by its color. The first time I adopted a cat, I went to the shelter looking for a kitten. As I browsed, I saw an adorable little black and white kitten that I was very interested in. When I asked the attendant at the shelter about the kitten, she pointed out an orange and white tabby in the same crate. I hadn't even noticed him. But when the attendant told me they were going to separate the two kittens because the black and white kitten had a nasty disposition, I turned my attention to the Orange and white kitten. She took him out of the crate so we could get acquainted with each other and I was sold. I adopted Bailey and brought him home, he was 4 months old. Bailey was the sweetest, most loving cat I'd ever met. He turned out to be my best friend, he was my companion and as sweet as ever. As he grew older, we became closer and closer. I loved that cat with all my heart. Bailey died at the age of 8. We think he had an aneurism or a seizure and I miss him very much. So to your question about the personality of an orange and white cat, I don't know I was very lucky and I don't think I'll find my Bailey again.
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I would confirm what you just said.
I also had a wonderful orange white tabby, a former stray I rescued on Roosevelt Island.
Best cat I ever had!
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I now have a black and white kitten and she's crazy. It's taken me a long time to adjust to her, she is just the opposite of my orange and white cat. She bites and hisses when I clip her, she doesn't listen, (and, yes, I do believe you can train a cat to understand what you're saying). She was only 2 months when I brought home. Is was like having a newborn in the house again. Our vet was not happy when he learned that she was spayed under 2 months old, he said it could cause complications with her growing organs. We'll see, she's 17 months old now, so far so good health wise. She certainly keeps the household lively.
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I just buried my 13 year old female. She took right to me from the beginning and would only listen to me and sometimes my mom. She was my everything. I miss her so much. R.I.P. Squeekie
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Seems like I have the only 3 not super sweet orange tabbies! 


Chase - female orange tabby. She's nuts. Absolutely insane, growls & hisses at everyone, but loves my dad. She was declawed by a previous owner, so that likely changed her disposition. But we still love her


Bruno - male orange tabby. He's a really big boy and sweet, but so scared of his own shadow its nuts. He can also play a bit aggressive. But he does like to cuddle. So the most sweet of the bunch.


Rocky - male orange tabby. Runt of the litter, but dominant. He has become a bit of a bully to his brother bruno & never been the cuddler. But he has a particular affection for me & will follow me around for petting. So sweet in that way, but he's a menace to the rest! Also, he tears our apartment up. 


Top left - Bruno. Middle left - Chase. Middle right - Rocky


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Originally Posted by Angels mommy View Post

I can't believe I've never seen this thread, but then I saw that it started way before I was here!  

My big "ginger boy" adopted me. He is a sweet, smart, good boy!  

It's a little bit of a long story how he adopted me, but I will have to post our story soon. I finally wrote it, just has to be edited & posted, when I get the time!

He is still playful as well for being 9 or 10 yrs. old.

I love when he gets the crazies, & "gallops" around the house!  ....silly boy!


"I'm gonna get that mousy!"


I can't believe this was a year ago!  The story is finished & edited, so I FINALLY posted it! You can find it in the cat page "How Angel Adopted Me."  ;) 

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this is very late to this topic.  but, my first orange cat soul mate was a huge polydactyl  with a stub tail.  He had be EXTREMELY ABUSED.  He was in the shelter I volunteer at.  Everyone hated him, and, he hated everyone.  But, for some reason for me--it was pure love.  He would crawl up on my lap, and............yes he was a hugger.   We got home and he definitely was nice to everyone, but, noticeable who's person belonged to him.  Occasionally tho, I would see my friends slowly moving away from while we were on the couch watching t.v.   I'd say what's wrong, and, the person would say:  "that cat looks like he is going to come after me."  The cat happened to be snuggled near my thigh.   Or, someone would come in, immediately stop, and ask:  "is that cat going to bite me he's looking at me funny."   He never went at anybody at my house, but, people did tiptoe around him.  So, there can be very moody (attack cat) orange cats.  He died of leukemia about 6 weeks ago.  He was 6 and1/2.  My heart is broken. But as I said he was abused, let outside, no vet care, yada, yada, yada..


I adopted a 2nd orange tabby from the shelter about a month later.  He loved to play, never scratched the furniture, loved his scratch pole and his igloo bed, the couch, my bed and would rub up against. me.  BUT, god help you if you tried to pet him.  He went all attack cat.  Still have marks on my arm.  He is now living on a goat farm in the barn.  By night he has his own crate made up for him, and, by day he's a goat wrangler.  Very happy ending. 


But, there are "bad" orange boy cats.

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I don't 'own' any ginger cats, but I have a 'red' feral that I have cared for for 7 years now, and now an orange female from across the street has moved in. She left two BEAUTIFUL half grown long haired dark orange kittens over there (but of course they come over twice a day to eat) and they are all the friendliest cats I have seen, they beg for attention.

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My little boy is orange and white, and he is an absolute sweetheart. His vet commented that he has the typical orange cat personality. He's sweet with everyone but saves his real love for me. He's always been very attached to me, even comforting me when I'm sick. His sister, a calico, is sweet and cuddly...when she so chooses. She can also be a little brat and is very mouthy. As calicoes go, she's more entertaining than difficult, but definitely still in that range. She was the dominant one when they were tiny, but when he realized he was bigger than her that changed. Sweet or not, I still find him sitting on her head at least a few times a week.
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Hi, I'm new to the site and am so glad to find this place. I read every post on this thread and find it very interesting. Growing up my family adopted a stray light yellow tabby who was very timid but loving. Then one day an orange long haired tabby literally just walked in the door-and stayed! He was so laid back and loving. Both cats got along fine after a bit and both slept with me, mom, and my sisters.


Just 2 days ago I went to the humane society to adopt a  5 yr old long haired female who had been there quite a while. I had been wanting another cat, her in particular, and my husband finally relented. She had already been adopted when I got there and I wasn't leaving without a kitty! The first cage I came to had a little orange tabby who started meowing loudly and running after me as far as she could. When my sister and I took her out, she just laid in our arms purring like mad. I looked at other cats and had a hard time deciding as they were all very sweet and pretty but in the end I chose the one with the most loving personality and I believe the one who chose me. You guessed it, the little orange tabby.   I have a very hard time prying her off me, she's either in my arms or on my chest or playing. She's perfect for me as I retired from home child care and our lab Sammie died 2 months ago. The house was so lonely! I believe God hand picked her for me. She loves my husband too and everybody else she meets. She's just a little skittish of noises right now. She's 10 months old and I don't know what her background is but she will have a long happy life with us.

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How lovely @Sandra and Zena  :heart4:


Welcome to TCS!   :wavey:

We'd love you to introduce yourself and your pussycats at New Cats on the Block. :)

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