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Originally Posted by azcarol View Post
Thank you for the quick answers!

I want to adopt this boy today! I'm pining away for him as we speak! But, I want to make sure he's a good fit for Shelly. Are orange tabbies laid back or energetic? Are they playful? Would Shelly bother them because she's energetic?

Oh I'm so excited! I may have a new kitty today!!!
My RB baby, Marbles was an orange boy. He was SOOO loving yet he was playful and energetic. I don't think you could go wrong.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Well I'll be the first to admit something "bad" about color and my cats

I love calicos and torties (cause you can get lots of different color kittens with RESPONSIBLE breeding). But I hate their personalities! Every one of my torties or calicos had that "tortie" attitude. Even my odd-eye white rex who was a tortie genetically (she carried both red and black genes) was the same tortie attitude.
My sister had a tortie who was hissy and sassy to everyone except her. Many people wondered what she saw in that cat but she loved her to the day she died.
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Originally Posted by azcarol View Post
I just brought my orange boy home!!! Will post pictures later!
All righty! Look forward to the pix!...
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My orange cat is such a loveable cuddler. He sometimes literally knocks me over cuz he rubs his head against me so hard. My boyfriend plays really rough with him to the point where I know he don't like it, but an hour later will come by him and rub his legs all loveable or purrs really loud when he picks him up. He's very quite sociable too. He gets a little scared when people come over, but after a little bit will come out into the living room and hang out with everyone and rub on everyone.

When we first got him as a kitten (he's now 9yo), we had a old black and white female cat. She didn't like meeting new cats, but he kept trying to "introduce" himself and kept trying to play with her, even when she tried to hiss him away. But then a few years later, we got a dog that would mess with both of them, so those 2 became buddies after awhile. So I think as long as you pair him up with a cat that enjoys new friends, then he'd prolly get along with the other cat fast.

Here he is:

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Meet Miles, my new orange tabby guy!
Sorry the pictures are a bit blurry.

Here he is under my son's bed, his current favorite hiding spot:

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my Berach is a little orange boy...
he is both laid back and energetic and has the most amazing personality.


he's disgustingly sweet too and loves snuggy-times

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What a handsome baby, it's no wonder you fell in love with him.
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Originally Posted by azcarol View Post
Meet Miles, my new orange tabby guy!
Sorry the pictures are a bit blurry.

Here he is under my son's bed, his current favorite hiding spot:

Hi Miles! What a cutie you are!

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He's so cute!

Our downstairs neighbor got an orange kitten this year. He's big now, but I had kitten fever bad this year because of him. Every orange tabby I've ever met was a pretty loving cat. Spunky, but loving. I want one of my own now.:P
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Aw, hi Miles! He's adoreable.

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OHHH I love him - pass him over here for cuddles and pets
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Thank you! He is SO cuddly!

I posted more pictures at The Cat Lounge under Fur Pictures and Videos.
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My kitten's dad was an orange tabby and he was the sweetest cat! Always following me around the farm, wanting to be petted, and meowing.

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I would have found it hard to resist, also.

There's not a lot of consensus on cat colors and their personalities, but I think orange boys do have a bit of friendly edge to them. For instance, I've noticed how often orange cats show up in movies and commercials. Hammer Films had their studio cat, "Rhubarb," who would show up in scenes that needed cats.

I think it's because they tend to be so mellow.
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I have a little 3 month old Muted Orange Tabby
He is the biggest cuddler! He its very tame and likes to just sit in our lap during a car ride. But he beats up(playfully) my other 4 month old kitten. He's just the biggest sweetheart
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Punkin is the greatest cat we've ever had. Laid back, loving but not clingy, playful, just a great cat.

That said, I don't think color really has any affect on purrsonality.
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I have never had an orange male but my Persian girl was an orange and white and she was so loving, her sister was a Tabby and she was a clown. They say males are more loving than females(don't know on that one). Sooo an organge tabby male ought to be a very loving clown, right? He is adorable
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Moose is almost 9, and he's always been very outgoing and not at all afraid of strangers and will jump into anyone's arms (or on their head!). He will sleep under the covers with me, but conversely, can get very testy when having his nails clipped and is not too fond of his "little sister" and can get snippy when she wants to play and he doesn't. He's got quite the personality.
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He reminds me of my Freddy in pictures. We found him in August, followed my fiancee works in a warehouse, found her and followed her around work all day he had to come home. If the color thing holds true, Fred is a cuddlebug, a purrmonster, loves to be close to his brother or to us, LOVES attention, likes to play, gets into everything... and reading that seems to be the trend, real sweeties the orange cats...

Seamus being black and white is a totally different personality and I got them both as kittens and in similar situations (found outdoors) so it may hold somewhat true...

Enjoy the new addition to the family!
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My orange boys are the sweetest cats. Always wanting attention, always wanting a lap to sit in. Definitely more affectionate than any of the other kitties.
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We have an orange tabby that was abandoned and then found us. He quickly learned how to open our front door and walk in, always announcing himself on his entry. One of the deciding factors for us keeping him was that he tolerated the abuse of our other cat, Shadow. Every time Squirt walked by she would slap him in the butt. If he slowed at all or turned to talk to us sometimes those swipes landed upside his head, but his only reaction was to look at her as if to say "what was that for?" He is also likes to cuddle and purr. But it is his talking that I find indearing. He has many tones and I can tell when we are just having a conversation or when he wants something from me. At meal times or when he wants a belly scratchie he has this low, throaty meow that is pretty funny to hear. Rick says he is talking sexy to me.
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You know it's funny after my Mr. Murphy died and I went to go work at a shelter I said after working there for quite sometime "The next cat I get will be an Orange tabby because they are SOOOOO SWEET!"

Then Frito came into my life. Weighing in at 12 ounces, he was set to be euthanized as he was part of a sick litter. I saved his life. And at first he was sweet..But then come 3 months kitten time he turned into the meanest cat I have ever met. Exorcist style he would turn his head and hiss at me when I trimmed his nails. He loved to bite. He bit my brother on his eye when he made kissy faces at him. Giving my brother a black eye. It was at that point my brother fell in love with Frito. Don't ask me.

Frito now lives with my brother and they love eachother deeply. It was the perfect match. And I was able to adopt more cats so all is well that ends well. I will say upon visits at my brothers apartment Frito has calmed down a lot.

I do have another Orange tabby medium hair and she is about as sweet as they come.
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Marmalade is a polydactyl street rescue. She is personality plus! I think she is trying to rule the other cats, but since they are all bigger than her.... She is very affectionate and playful. Yes, she has a high energy level. She knows how to use thos poly paws to great effect! I have a houseful of 3 cats all ~a year old and she is definitely the highest energy of the bunch. Still, I find it hard to believe that color makes that much difference, if the personality is right for you, get the cat!

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i love how this thread has grown! so much love for the ginger boys!

my precious rb boy was a pale ginger and he was essentially a feline dame edna everage, hence he was named janet!

he was my baby. he'd follow me around and was fiercely loyal. unfortunately the same can't be said for the other 3 cats i had at the time. he was a real bully with them and after 2 of them crossed the bridge we decided to get a kitten in the hope he'd leave tabitha alone. it worked.

little milo, also ginger, learnt from the master and although he and janet tragically only had 8 months together, milo now exhibits many of janets eccentric behaviours.

i love em and will always have at least one ginger cat.

congratulations on adopting miles, he's gorgeous!
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I now own my fourth orange cat.Charlie. I`ve always selected Orange cats because of their personality,whether adopted full grown or as kitten,like Charlie.After a few dropoff visits at my vet.Her comment was,Charlie doesn`t know whether he`s a cat,a dog or a human.He is now 9 years old and acts like a big kitten.My neighbor got a shepard puppy.After a couple visits Charlie dropped him (sgt)on his back for getting out of happened three times as he was growing up.Three weeks ago,Sgt(now full grown) was here visiting and on the deck.He started sniffing Charlie thru the deck screen.Charlie hit him in the nose thru the screen.Sgt went yelping off the Charlie sleeps next to me every nite.Loves the fireplace. Also sits next to me when i`m watching t.v.Always greets me whenever i come in the door.Very vocal.Loves human visitors.Has to go along with every tour of my house when people visit.Now my mother and both my sisters have had,,and still have Orange cats. This article below on Orange cats is about as accurate as it gets. Get a orange cat if you have the opportunity.You`ll never regret it.
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I have an orange female tabby and she is very aloof and not affectionate. If you try to pick her up, she growls like a power drill and flattens her ears in defensive mode. Indeed, she was a feral cat but all my cats were from the streets. My dark colored tabbies are way friendlier than Holly.

I love Holly even though she can be so unloveable!
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When I bought my house, it came with a fluffy wimp orange tabby girl, left behind by th former owners. I left her food, but she would not come near me until the night she ran into the house, yelling that someone was eating HER food. In truth, there sat a large male orange tabby, sitting by her dish, smiling at me. I tried to shoo him, but he kept smiling as if to say You Don't Really Mean It. After a bit, I made a deal with him to guard the food dishes & fluffy little Kelly. That's how Mister Protector came into my life.
Not only was he one of the sweetest & most affectionate cats I've known, but he was the smartest. He literally tried to speak English, concentrating very hard when I spoke to him.
He brought home a runaway black cat whose owner called Blackjack. He knew she was no Blackjack. He became the benign alpha cat to the feral kitten he trained to be his successor, and the litter of four that came after her.
He was courageous. One night I came home & parked at the end of the drive to see what looked like several cats in a ritual at my doorstep, rising up on their read legs and dropping to all fours. When I came closer, I saw they were all raccoons and not small. I was afraid to go into my house. Then from the side of the house, like a bowling ball scattering pins, came Mister. I ran into the house, grabbing him. (He was all set to stand & guard.)
I now have mostly whites & grays and Velvet, the former Blackjack, but Mister will always be one of my heart kitties.

Hope you have similar joy of your orange kitty!
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my orange cat is named Houdini too! He managed to get the garage door opener from my purse and let himself and my older gray/blue cat, Oedipus, out of the house. They get along so well they obviously went on an adventure together- since they both came back together instead of separating. I think from my limited experience that orange cats are sweet, playful, and mischievious! I never wanted an orange cat and now I can't imagine my life without sweet Houdini. Even after I gave myself a concussion chasing him to put on a collar, he's worth every moment!

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My cat is a orange tabby...she's constantly hissing at us and our other cats,she bites,claws, and scratches
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As you can see from my avatar we have an orange boy. His name is Pekoe. We also have a female cat which is a marble torby named Chai. Pekoe is his own cat, he loves to play and hunt outside and he is very dominant. He's not big on curling up on my lap but if I go visit him in his tree he eagerly exposes his belly to me hoping I'll give it a good rub. Chai, on the other hand absolutely loves attention. I can't keep her off my lap. I have noticed that calico's, torties and orange kitties have their own quirks. That being said having grown up in a household with a few siamese I think it's VERY safe to say that they are very... ummm...interesting.

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