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Cat stretching....

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My cat is going to be a year old this November, she is very playful and personable. Whenever she has been sleeping for awhile or laying down she always tries to stretch right in front of me. I never found this odd until I realized taht if I was walking she would try to run in front of me and do it but if I kept walking she would stop and try to get in front of me to do it again. I don't think there is anything wrong with her I was just wondering if anyone else had a cat who does this and if you know why.
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I think its called personality And every cat has one, give them plenty of love and affection and he/she will reward you every day with its own little quirky thing.
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That's just her way of trying to get your attention.

My Tomas likes me to help him stretch I grab him under his front legs while he's sitting in my lap and say "stretch" to him. He lets me support his weight while he takes a nice big stretch.

Stretching is good for kitties (and people), so let her do it all she wants and give her a little back scratch the next time she gets in front of you.
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Trying to get in front of you is pretty common for cats. I've read they're showing trust. That might be right; you don't hear of that many getting squished. Then again, they might just be playing with you. Another cat-like thing to do.
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I have one cat that stretches all the time - when she enters a room, when she gets up, just all the time. She's the sweetest little thing, so I think it's like her relaxed behavior or some such!
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Ollie stretches all the time... doesnt insist on being in front of you, but I get the feeling he likes to show off his "parts" haha (he's fixed, but still looks in tact)... I just say "yeah yeah, I see 'em... but I know there's nothin in 'em"
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I have a sort of combo idea: your cat wakes up and, as is normal for cats, wants to stretch; but, as is also normal for affectionate cats, she also wants some loving. She has cleverly decided to combine the two, if you'd just do your part, stand still, and pet her while she stretches! Sheesh, meowmy!
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My cat stretches all the time, and my brother's gym teacher once used cats as an example to humans and said to stretch as many times a day as a cat does to keep ourselves loose. In fact, walking into the room, he just gave a little stretch right now As for getting in front of you, my cat does it all the time, runs ahead of me to the dining room carpet and stretches his claws on it. Just one of those things they do...
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Well next time she does it I'll stop and give her some attention before moving on, although she's already pretty spoiled with attention. My roommates say she's a spoiled brat cuz she can be kind of sassy but I love her anways!
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