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Amber has finally cracked!!

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Since getting Minnie she has been hissing and screaching at Amber.Our not so little Amber who is as patient and calm as anything had put up with this for far too long. Last night she retaliated by going for Minnie, and chased her around the house a couple of times, growling and hissing at her.
Meanwhile Milo is running and getting in between the two of them to stop any trouble, he is just tapping Amber around the head lightly just to let her know not to take it too far with Minnie. Amber then casualy came in the front room as if nothing had happened jumped up on the wife and promtly started to groom herself. Minnie retreated into the kitchen in her basket where she then started to paw her blanket and started suckling it ( that is so cute to watch!! ). Later that evening Milo and Minnie were outside chasing around like lunatics, they would each take turns of chasing each other. They would both hide in the garden in different places ready to pounce when the other one came looking for them. I called them in and they both came running into the house, Milo was straight to the bowl of biscuits and Minnie ran up to Amber rubbed her nose up against Ambers and then casualy got herself a drop of water.

Cats Eh!! I will never understand them.
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Actually it looks like order has been established in your house. I love it when cats finally set their roles in the group. Your babies are normal and quite sane.
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