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How much should kittens weight?

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Hey folks,
I thought this was more of a "nutrition" question, than a kitten one, which is why I posted it here...

My two kittens are ~ 6.5 months old now and looking quite lanky...not sure on exact weight, I'll check and post back (if I can get them to hold still on the scale for long enough!).

That said, I can feel all of their ribs. Should I be able to feel their ribs? I am currently feeding them 2/3 c Nutro kitten a day (in 2 feedings) and ~1/4 can of wet a day (when I can get them to eat that much). I have also recently started mixing in some cooked meat...although they aren't that crazy about it.

So, my question is basically, should I be able to feel their ribs? If not, I'll have to try to get them to eat more (while trying to get my adult fat cat to eat less, hah!).

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Only a vet is qualified to answer but... if kittys are ave size ( 8-12lbs adults) they gain roughly one lb a month till about 8 month s

My Zoey is lanky and I can feel her ribs... her vets say s she is fine yet a extra lb would not hurt..
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They don't look too thin to me, but my family has said "they are so skinny", so I guess I'm just paranoid. I'll try and weigh them later and see.

Thanks again,
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my perisan kitten right now is 3.1 lbs at 4 months...... is that normal?
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I have 7 kittens between 4-6 months old. The two 4 month old boys (will be 5 months on the 16th) are between 3-3.5 pounds each. The two 6 month old boys and one 6 month old girl are 4-5 pounds. The two other 6 month old girls are 2.5-3 pounds each.

I've always heard that the key is being able to feel the ribs but not being able to see them. I can feel ribs on all of my kitties but they are all at a healthy weight, but the two DLH girls are just very petite compared to everyone else.
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Kittens can be different sizes at the same age and all be healthy, only a vet can tell you what is right for them with their build etc, some breeds are naturally bigger / heavier than others
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Depends more on the body build and background of the cat. Most cats average about a pound per month up to 7-8 months old, then slack off some and gain slower.

Charlie was right on track. He's a solid 10 lbs now (holding that weight for that last 3-4 months) and is currently 15 months old. He should wind up about 12 lbs when fully mature/grown which will be at about 2 yrs old; so I'm not worried about him.
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Thought that I would post back and note that my kittens weighed between 8 - 9lbs on the bathroom scale a couple of days ago... Now, excactly how accurate that scale is, is anyone's guess.

And yes, I can feel their ribs, but not see them, so I guess they are about right weight wise.

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Remember that kittens often grow in spurts. Mosi tended to grow upwards for a while so that he was very gangly, then he'd fill out a bit, then grow upwards a bit more.. As long as they're eating ok and you can't see the ribs (you should be able to feel them) they are probably fine.
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