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Sleeping and bed and other questions...

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My kitty is sleeping in a huge rubbermaid container with her warm fleece bed in the center. I also have a heating lamp place on one side and she normally sleeps inside her bed and closer to the warmth provided by the heating lamp. Yesterday, I found her sleeping outside her bed, on the opposite side of where the heating lamp is. She is 4 weeks old now and I believe is able to regulate her body temperature better. I have a thermometer and the temp in my apartment is about 70F or sometimes lower when the building decides not to turn on the heat.

My questions is, should I turn off the heating lamp now? Or should I move her bed out from the rubbermaid container and place her on the floor instead? She can walk pretty good now and will occasionally run clumsily and I am not sure if it's a good idea to have her free roaming.

She knows her place and rarely wander too far off from the small living room and each day, she will test herself and wander a bit further but she always turns back when she reaches unfamiliar territory. When she seems lost, she answers me when I call her name and come *running* towards me.

Also, I hear that cats don't really sleep at one place if given the choice of sleeping area, so should I invest in heated sleeping bed or all those cute beds at all? One of my friend's cat does not sleep in her bed and will dooze off where ever she fancies.

I left her alone for 8 hours one day since I have some matters to attend to and she seems fine. I just contained her to her rubbermaid container.

Another question is the scratching post/cat tree/condo/gym question. When is a good age to introduce her to those? I found a really nice combo set and would love her to have it.

I know this is a really long post but being a first time mommy, I am really anxious and wants to provide her with the best care possible. Thanks in advance!
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You probably can do away with the heating lamp. Try it during the day and see if she seems to get cold. As for the tree you can introduce her to that now if you like.
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Introduce her to the scratching post now. Good habits start early.

You should be able to turn off the heating lamp. Just keep a close eye on the situation. I wouldn't let her have complete freedom yet. There are way too many places and things she could get into and become stuck. The rubbermaid for now is still a good crate until she figures how to climb out.

I have all kinds of cat beds but my crew will sleep where ever the want. If you want to get a kitty bed do so but realize she may decide she doesn't want it.

You are doing a wonderful job as a first time Mom so keep up the good work!
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