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My furry hot-water bottle.

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That's what I call Zane.

You have to understand that because of a peculiarity of the heating system, my apartment tends to be cold. In order to get mine to a reasonable heat, you have to turn the downstairs apartment into a sauna.

My Zane will, as soon as I get in bed, jump up with me and go down to the foot of my bed and arrange himself by my feet.

This is funny as most of the time he isn't much of a lapcat, and is hardly a bedcat at all if I'm in the bed. (Although is will join me if I am on the bed.) Most of the year if he does join me in bed he'll curl up by my head, so that if I turn over I'll get a faceful of cat hair.

It is welcome, though.
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I call Sonic that, and sometimes my cat blanket

Now he is a cuddler, to the extent where it's difficult to do anything with him velcroed to you. But his presence next to me in bed did diminish somewhat during hot weather, thank goodness really because I was overheating, but now there's a chill in the air he's back. Apparently my husband woke up the other night because I was making strange snoring noises, looked over, and Sonic was lying over my nose and mouth! Even Radar has taken to creeping on to the foot of the bed when Sonic's not looking and curling up on my feet. I suppose they like the warmth from us just as much as we like it from them
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