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Cats and FIP

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Does anyone know what I can do for my cat Rufus who has been diagnosed with FIP. This is what the vet tells me is probably the cause of his present illness, this or else liver tumors. Is there anything I can do for him. He is 13 and much loved ginger tom.
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Sorry to learn about this development for your cat. Here is probably the most comprehensive website on illnesses to date. I hope you can find your answers there.

Pet Health
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Eliza, I'm so sorry. Perhaps this might also be helpful-as a quick reference. I do wish the very best for your cat. I know this is a trying time for you.
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I hope your last time with him is good, I am sorry to hear that you are going threw this. I will keep you in my prayers.
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Dear Eliza,

I'm sorry to hear of your cat's problem, my 3 year old cat was just diagnosed with FIP as well. We just had him put to sleep yesterday, it's so hard. My thoughts are with you and your kitty.
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This just across my desk from another cat writer:

"In an effort to infom people about FIP, Dr. Janet Foley of U C Davis will be
on my radio this Saturday night,Feb.1, 2003 7:30 p.m. cst. For those who don't know, Dr.
Foley has her PhD in FIP and has devoted much of her life to fighting this

We do take phone calls on this show - , 312-591-7200.

Please feel free to spread the word about Dr. Foley's guest shot. I hope I
can do some good...but this will not be the end...I will periodically
continue to report about FIP on all my radio shows - and all other venues
that I can.

If you live outside the midwest, you can pick up WGN Radio on the net, and
listen live.
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Eliza has informed me that Rufus is doing much better now that he is on medications. His breathing is still not right, however. I have asked her to post and let us all know about his progress. He sounds like a very special pet.
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If anyone knows of a good support group for Eliza would you let her know? Rufus (according to Eliza's email to me) was diagnosed Jan 6th with FIP and is now on Prednisone & Frusemide. I know of CRF support groups, does anyone know of an FIP one?
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I am so sorry to read about Rufus. My 16 year old cat died of renal failure in September, and my remaining cat (Lucky), who is 15, seemed so lonely. I adopted a kitten from the same shelter where Lukcy came from. He had his pre-operative blood tests before his scheduled neutering, and the results were abnormal. The vet suspected FIP, so the surgery was postponed. That was about a month ago. I had the blood tests run again last week, and though they showed some improvement, they were still abnormal. He shows no outward signs of illness, but the vet told me that I need to watch him closely for any symptoms. In 2 months I will have him tested again to see if he can be neutered. Has anyone else had this type of experience, where the cat doesn't look or act ill but has abnormal blood test results? If so, did the cat eventually develop FIP? I find this whole experience to be very frightening, frustrating, and confusing.

My thoughts are with you and Rufus. Please let us know what happens.
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Here's some more FIP links.

FIP Links

The Orion Foundation have a very good Yahoo Group, I'd recommend anybody needing support join this group.

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Sadly Rufus passed away on 5 Feb 02 at 4.50. A lovely young vet came to the house and helped him on his way. He deteriorated on Sunday but rallied on Monday , but by Wed I knew he wasnt going to make it. He fought it so hard but it wasnt to be. Thanks to everyone who tried help me with this, FIP is just a cruel terrible disease, my other 2 kitties passed away peacefully in their sleep at 17 years, I like to think they were waiting for him.
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So sorry to hear of your loss, we just lost a 6 month old kitten to FIP on Jan. 2. It was such a horrible thing to go through. Just wanted to let you know our thoughts are with you.
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Eliza, I'm so sorry. Please feel free to post a tribute to him in Crossing the Bridge. Our hearts are with you. God bless.
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