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A 2nd cat?

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I plan on adopting a 2nd kitty eventually. I don't think it will be anytime soon, mostly b/c I don't really have room for a 2nd litterbox where I currently live.

My cat is about 1 year old and is a female. She is calm, non-skittish, non-playful, and basically sleeps all day. Then again, I've only had her a month so I don't know if that is her 'true' personality yet or if it's her adjusting still.

What age/gender/personality cat should I look for? Another less-playful cat? How long should I wait before bringing a new cat home? I don't know if Matilda came from a single-cat household but I'm guessing that she did b/c she wasn't brought to the shelter with any other cat.

Also, Matilda is declawed (her previous owner's doing, she was like that when I adopted her from the shelter). I won't declaw a cat, but will it be a problem having one declawed and one not? I would be using Soft Paws so actually that probably wouldn't be an issue huh?

Cats are addicting. *le sigh*
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Welcome to you and Matilda and we're so glad you're here at TCS! Actually, I would say adopt the cat most needy -- and that would be any of millions. All of my cats have always been rescues, most of them from the streets; it was them who found me, not the other way around, and we've always adjusted, one way or another, no matter the age, temperament, gender, whatever. Experts may have more specific advice, but personally, caring about cats as much as I do, I'd always say to adopt the one closest to "the edge" -- that would usually be an adult, black shorthair, which also happens to be my favorite type of cat, aesthetically. GOOD LUCK -- and sure hope you have room for that extra cat box soon!
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Hi Sekura and welcome. We adopted Milo from the rescue centre a few weeks after having Amber. Amber too slept a lot, but as soon as Milo was on the scene after spending a few days of getting to know each other, they turned into what me and the wife think as brother and sister, there is only a few months in between them both. Let us know what you decide
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I'd recommend a somewhat younger very laid back male - one who won't feel the macho need to go after your cat as many do - something like a Persian.
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I went to the humane society on my way home from work today to drop off some extra cans of wet food that I have after switching Matilda to a different brand.


I got Matilda from a rescue group so I haven't actually been to a humane society shelter in years.

I am so going to have to find a spot for a 2nd litterbox I think! Too many cats need homes, and I do think Matilda would like a friend.
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Originally Posted by Sakura View Post
Cats are addicting. *le sigh*
Ya, they're like potato chips.

I think it's great you're thinking this far ahead. (Which may not turn out to be all that far ahead after all. ) I'd recommend a younger laid-back male as well, though it's hard to tell what they're really going to be like in a home by their behavior at the shelter.
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A friend bought me a sign that says: Cats are like potato chips. You can't just have one.
I now have two. As far as what sex, what age, when to adopt, you will probably get conflicting answers. It is personal and hopefully, you will know when the time is right. My older cat is a female and she is 4. My kitten is a male and he is 6 months.
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Is there a guideline that says each cat should have its own litter box? I have three sharing one box here - I have to clean it a couple times a day, but there doesn't seem to be any problem with it. Have I inadvertantly sinned?
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Yes, there's a guideline: it's one for each cat plus one. So, according to the guideline three cats = four boxes. Yours are doing very well to all share one.
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Originally Posted by coaster View Post
Yes, there's a guideline: it's one for each cat plus one. So, according to the guideline three cats = four boxes. Yours are doing very well to all share one.
If only you knew: originally I had five using it, until Caspar and Moe went to Mom's where they now share a box happily...well, foo! My apartment is too small for four boxes! Maybe I'll just get one more - my herd will think it's a luxury, yeah? Thanks for the info...sorry to intrude on the thread, Sakura!!
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Cat52, if your cats are happy with your current litter situation then don't worry too much about it. We have 10 cats sharing 2x50litre storage containers, probably the equivalent of 6 regular sized litterboxes. they are fine with it
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I won't declaw a cat, but will it be a problem having one declawed and one not? I would be using Soft Paws so actually that probably wouldn't be an issue huh?
As long as there's no serious fighting, they'll be fine. Puppy's a declaw and Bunny's not. Puppy got scratched once because he was biting Bunny too hard during playtime. Since then, he doesn't bite so hard, and she keeps the claws in.

Plan to have more litterboxes just in case. We only have one for the two cats. We used to have two, but they were only using one anyway.
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there is a 10 week old (their best guess as far as age goes) female kitten that is a persian/calico mix and so she looks similar to Matilda. (Matilda is a domestic long hair / persian with mostly white hair but some grey patches. This kitty is a persian/mix with dilute calico coloring and the same long hair that Matilda has). The kitty was rescued with the kitty's sibling from a gutter during a rainstorm and is with a foster family about 2 hours from where I live. The foster mom says that she is very mellow and laid back but is still playful. The personality sounds very very similar to Matilda's. Foster mom also said that kitty doesn't seem affected by the awful situation she was in.

very tempting. I'm actually seriously thinking about this, as there are so many issues that I need to really think over..(finances for a 2nd cat, how she'll do with Matilda, etc.) I was even checking out the kitten soft paws and kitten sized litter pans while at the pet store today.

I blame this message board.

Here is the kitty's picture (she's the super fluffy one)

This is Matilda, don't you think she could pass as her big sister?
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Big sister? Yeah! I thought it was a third picture of the kitten until I noticed your caption! What a little sweetie the kitten is! TWO cute fluffies! And again - okay, if you want to give "the board" the credit for YOUR smart decision, okay by us!
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