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Sneior cat howling while eating/drinking?

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My 17-year-old female has started howling only when she eats or drinks and not every time. When I go to her while she is doing this, she sees me and stops, and it doesn't happen again until the next time, which could be once or twice a day or maybe once every few days. She has been seen by the vet a few weeks ago, and she does not have hypo- or hyperthyroidism or diabetes. She does have early kidney disease (not yet on subcu fluids), and I also believe that she is going deaf, as I sometimes have to make a loud noise to get her attention. Also, she has had a few teeth removed, but I feed her wet food only, and I also blend it into a puree so it's easier for her to eat. I really don't think she's in pain because she stops right away, and I would think if she was in any kind of pain, it would happen every time she eats or drinks, which it doesn't.

Any ideas?

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She's probably calling you or making sure you are nearby.
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Bless her heart!! Sometimes cats at that age can show signs of senility, just as humans do in old age. They will call out, walk around like they're looking for something,etc. And as Yayi said....maybe she just wants reassurance that you're nearby.
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Hmm, that could be, because she does stop when she sees me. It's just so strange that she does this only when she's eating or drinking and not at any other time.

Thanks for the input!
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She wants you to watch. Odo calls on occasion. It's funny because he usually does so even when he *should* know where I am. I just call out his name, and he comes back into the room. His hearing seems to be fine, but his vision is starting to go.

The only other thing I would ask the vet about would be his blood pressure. High blood pressure can sometimes lead to excessive vocalization.
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Thanks, Cloud Shade, I will definitely bring up the blood pressure issue at her next visit, which is at the end of this month.
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