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hind legs; limp

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yesterday i brought my korat to the vet because her hind legs and tail went limp. she was dragging them behind sad.

x-rays and nothing broken
no bites
no blood toxins
no bruising
no complaints of pain
no blood clots
the vet stood, scratching his head- any help would be great

shes about 3 years
healthy record
great weight
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I dont have any ideas, but I hope she is ok and back to normal soon
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The only thing I can think of is get a second opinion! Sending for a diagnosis!
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that was a second opinion... but thanks

pet hospital and vet.
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Since the vet ruled out blood clots, I assume that her hind quarters are still warm? Does she have any reflexes in her hind legs (when you move her foot out, do she move it back)? Occasionally lameness can happen with calicivirus--perhaps you could ask the vet whether that is a possibility.
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one leg- yes but the other there is nothing and her tail is feelingless. i tested while she was sleeping so its definitive that there is no feeling in her tail(didnt even startle her), but when i touched her front leg-instantly alert. the vet prescribed a cat scan oddly enough.
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I don't have any experience with this condition but my first thought would be spinal cord damage. A stroke is another thought- a stroke can be caused by a bleeding blood vessel as well as by a clot. A quick google search reveals that cardiomyopathy can produce these symptoms due to loss of blood supply and sufficient oxygen to the hindquarters.

I'm guessing the vet did a full blood panel because you said there were no toxins. Did anything unusual show up?

Good luck and mega vibes to Korat. I hope the CAT scan reveals something.
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Was cardiomyopathy ruled out? My understanding is that an ultra sound is used to look at the heart for the tell tale thickening of the wall of the heart. I can lead to sudden rear leg paralyis.
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Did the vet do a dopler to check the pulse in each foot? I know you said he ruled out blood clots,but it sounds like either a saddle thrombosis, stroke, collapsed/slipped disk,or trauma to the spinal cord. Did they ex-ray the whole spine, or just the back end??
Hopefully they find the problem soon. I would definatly get yet another opinion, and quick, since waiting might make the problem much worse.
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The only thing I can think of is a tail-pull injury. If the tail was pulled hard (like getting caught into something), it could have caused some spinal injury that hasn't shown up on the x-rays.

From another site:
"Tail pull avulsion is an injury where the tail is pulled and the nerves in the spine that control urination, defecation and/or movement of the hind limbs are damaged. The most common cause for this type of injury is the tail being run over by a car or the tail being caught in a door."
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