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Can you make money online from scratch?

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I am talking about making money from websites, not ebay and stuff like that. I am toying with the idea of running an experiment, where I would pretend to be a newbie to web publishing, starting out with zero money. The idea would be to make a certain amount of money within 3 months, and a certain amount within 6 months, with zero investment. No domains, no hosting services, no paid advertising. To make it more challenging for me, I'll pretend not to have any coding/programming technical skills.

So, can a person with no skills other than a good grasp of the English language make money from web publishing, with zero investment?

Do you think this is an interesting question? do you think this is something that would be interesting for people to read about in a blog and later a site with tutorials? how much would you think the goal should be to make this an interesting challenge? Realistically, I think it will be a challenge to make more than $300 a month after six months, so would that kind of money be of any interest to anyone to read about?
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I'd be fascinated! I imagine your report would be full of information that would be extremely useful to those of us who are still naive in the ways of the internet... and I can imagine it would be fun to see what methods you come up with and how people respond to them. I love it!
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Definitely a good idea! Trying something different is always a good thing!
Good Luck with your report You'll have to tell us all about it whenever you get the chance
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I would find it interesting the web fascinates me.
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Who wouldn't love to learn how to make more money? Actually, I think it's an interesting experiment!
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I'd love to know how to be able to make that happen for myself!
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Still pondering over this. My main obstacle would be that I wouldn't be able to link to my actual "test projects" from the blog, because that could mean generating traffic to them in a way that my model newbie couldn't do. So, I would be talking about projects, without actually showing them, which could look weird, and possibly less interesting. Still thinking it over though, I might still go for it.
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It does sound interesting. I see why you wouldn't want to use links to your actual test projects, but couldn't you use screen shots? Obviously not the same, but at least it gives a visual, even if it's not a hands-on experience.
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I would see this more as an e-book you would publish after the experiment is over..with teasers as to what was accomplished - the how to be shown in the book etc.
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Interesting ideas there. I wouldn't want to charge for it as an ebook though, but maybe start with screenshots, and then reveal the links when the "experiment" is finished.
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