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Please may I have some famous TCS vibes

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I am going to be very selfish and ask for some vibes....

I am applying to Homeland security to adjust my status and allow me to work in the US, this is because I am English and My Hubby is American. We have a lawyer helping us, because there are so many crazy rules and regulations and form filling, for something this important there is no room for errors.

Last night I was waiting for DH walked through the door with the phone glued to his ear talking to someone, I heard him say immigration and I see some very official looking forms in his hand.

I listen to what he is saying and he is saying my application has been rejected he ends the call.

He said he collected the mail and saw two envelopes, both from immigration and both with the words rejection on them, he said he almost started crying right there, he tore open the envelopes and read the letters.

They both are basically saying the same thing, the cheque we sent Homeland Security to pay the fees had the incorrect amount or not been provided.

Now as per our lawyers instruction we wrote one cheque that covered all the fees for each form, Well apparently the we should have written several individual cheques. but because we didn't my forms were rejected.

So our lawyer has apologised and said she had no idea they wanted separate cheques, she said it must be a new thing and she had not been notified, she also said that she sent another clients application on the same day as ours, with one cheque, and there's has not had problems...

All these horrible things were flashing through my mind, I was so scared I would be deported,and not ever allowed back in the US, they are so strict!

Our lawyer is costing us $2000 and tha'ts with a slight military discount we convinced her to give us, Its a lot of money to us, and we feel quite angry that this has happened but she says its not going to be negative on my application, so we have to trust her.

I was just hoping to have some vibes that from here on the process goes smoothly and speedy.

My husband jokes that his family name is cursed I tell him its all in his head but we are having bad luck lately...

If you read this post you will know we had a bit of bad luck on Saturday night.

If you didn't read the post here is the summery:

Neighbour who lives above us fills a huge trash can of water (unknown to us)
Wake up from afternoon nap (Tiered from volunteering at the cat shelter)
Neighbour goes out for the night
BIG BANG water dripping through ceiling, light fittings, and electrical sockets
Rest of the night is spent mopping up water
The ceiling of the den, kitchen and part of the living room are messed up!

Well maintenance have been out and looked at the damage and it appears that the kitchen ceiling may have to be completely taken down as the whole thing is now bent.

DH also has his court appearance on Friday for his reckless driving ticket, it has been proved that his spedo was off, so that will help him but I am still scared they will slap him with a hefty fine.

I am also being checked out by the doctors for having abnormal cells on my cervix, they did a biopsy and I have an ultra sound also on friday (although the doctor said if i didn't here from him this week then they biopsy did not show anything to bad) so far I have not heard from him.

In my relationship I am normally positive, if anyone is having doubts I am always the one to reasure and make them feel better, even in my life I find positive in the negative, but this has just all happened in quick succession its making me feel sad, angry annoyed....

I hate drama but right now my life seems full of it!

So that is why I am asking for vibes.

Oh one good thing is the guy who lives above us does have renters insurance so the few things that got damaged should be replaced.
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That sucks your having such a string of bad luck! Many vibes coming your way!
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Many For You! Hope everything goes well!!
We'll cross our fingers for you too! Just in case heres a For Luck!
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You certainly do need a lot of vibes right now! You 'll be in my thoughts.
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Oh my, I am so sorry. Praying for you.
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Thank you
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Oh, how terrible! Many good luck wishes going your way.
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That's just ridiculous that they're being anal-retentive over two checks instead of just one! But yet, they'll let all these illegal aliens in - plus give them a "free ride"! And YOU'RE doing it LEGALLY!! Double

I feel for you! I just got denied SSD benefits for the second time, and now it goes to a court hearing. And I have all the "necessary" paperwork, too.

Many blessing & vibes are being sent your way!!

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Sorry about all the bad luck...Many vibes that things get better

I have a friend from Russia going through all this immigration stuff...and it's so very overwhelming
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Aww... you guys are having a tough time all around lately! Hope things start to look up soon.

Is the lawyer charging you for the extra time and having to re-file? I hope not!
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So sorry all this is happening right now to you. I'll send out a prayer that things will get better for you real soon!
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Sending many vibes for some better luck sometime really soon
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I thought the lawyer would know that you needed to pay separate cheques. That is so silly. I wish it was more straightforward.

Major vibes heading your way - it should all work out in the end.

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The lawyer should have known! Is that $2000 a flat fee? I'd ask for a little back...

I'm sure everything will be fine with the papers once the checks are sorted out
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That is horrible!!! I wish you much luck!!
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Sending many your way! I just don't see how they can deport someone who is married to an American!!?? I hope things change for the better for you soon!!!
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There's nothing worse than bureaucratic red tape. I hope everything gets straightened out for you.
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